Neil Gaiman pays tribute to Neal Adams with a poem about Batman

Comics legend Neil Gaiman shared a poem about Batman as a tribute to the late DC artist Neal Adams

comics legend Neil Gaman has recently shared a spectacular poem about the Dark Knight. Gaiman has shown his true passion for the character as he delivers the huge impact that Batman has had in popular culture during its 80-year legacy. Many think that Gaiman should return to write Batman in the near future.

Neil Gaiman’s poem on Batman

Sharing his poem during recent appearances in Massachusetts and Oregon, Neil Gaiman dedicated his short article to the late comic book artist Neal Adamswho passed away at the end of April. Gaiman credits Adams as the artist who inspired him to draw the Dark Knight’s ever-spiky bat ears in his schoolbooks.. Although the author commented that his poem was not meant to be shared publicly, fans should be glad he did.

Beginning with a family walking down an alley followed by “pearls falling like tears on the stones of the alley”, Gaiman begins his poem by pointing out the timelessness of Batman. He then goes on to describe the idea that there are so many different types of hero, such as the one who “climbs sideways up the sides of buildings” (Adam West’s Batman) along with those that are much darker. However, Gaiman claims that he has his own personal Batman with “his cape of his, a shroud of blue-black shadow” always silently watching him as he writes.

When I was a child Gaiman assures that he saw the hero as someone more real than Santa Claus and even God, which inspired his passion for the horror genre as the Dark Knight grew ever darker. Likewise, Gaiman references his experiences with Batman as an adultwhen I wrote stories for DC Comics and he enjoyed being able to tell the Dark Knight what to do and what to say.

Batman Neil Gaiman

Neil Gaiman’s passion for Batman

Neil Gaiman has a great love for his legacy with the character and those who helped forge him, such as the original creator of the bat, Bob Kaneand those who revolutionized the hero as Frank Miller (and the deceased neal adams). Gaiman said in his poem: “When I die, you may find a little bat still fluttering in my chest and not a heart. My Batman is a personal and immutable thing. When I was a kid, Batman existed to defend me. Now he puts up with me. He knows that he had good intentions ».

A return of Neil Gaiman to Batman would be something very special and unique. His tribute to the hero and Adams is captivating. He ends his poem as he began, referencing Batman’s eternity and the death of Bruce Wayne’s parents.: “Somewhere in Gotham City, the pearls fall like tears on the stones of the alley, and a little boy stares at two broken people and blood on the cobblestones, determined to string the pearls again. Clearly, the love for the Dark Knight is very much with the legendary writer.

Batman Neil Gaiman

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Neil Gaiman pays tribute to Neal Adams with a poem about Batman

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