Osvaldo Benavides and Miguel Rodarte make their way in Hollywood

Osvaldo and Miguel presented the film at the recent International Film Festival in Hermosillo.

Although on the big screen they played two best friends, Miguel Rodarte tells how the bond they have is authentic: “Osvaldo and I already understood each other as friends. We took risks and decisions together, it was an experience of great growth. We learned from both and managed to have a very similar way of approaching the characters.”

Between filming in the Hamptons and various locations in New York, the actors found time to enjoy their downtime. “Osvaldo lived in New York, so he already knew him. We took the opportunity to go out and have fun, in addition to doing research for the film. I’m a fan of food,” he says. Roll you.

The actor from “The Heroes of the North” plays Oscar, a wealthy young man who travels to New York to celebrate his bachelor party. Regarding the similarities with his character, he tells us: “We share some things such as knowledge of language, but I am more aware of the concern for the search for the common good. On the other hand, yes I am very exhausted but I compensate with work and the intellectual and spiritual side“.

Miguel Rodarte is working in Los Angeles, but has managed to find a balance between work and personal: “It’s my job, profession and my life. I have designed my life based on that. I take my dog ​​for a walk, I go out to recreate, I talk to my family and friends. My parents and cousins ​​were at the Hermosillo Festival. I combine it in the best way possible… people and friends, walks in the mountains, the beach. I don’t miss the food because there are many Mexican food restaurants in LA“.

For Osvaldobeing away from Mexico meant separating from his little daughter Sofía, the result of his relationship with Tatiana, his partner for 10 years, but he accepted the project because he considered it “very special”.

He took the experience of filming in New York with due professionalism, but he was able to enjoy it and tells us about it: “It’s a very important film for me. I appreciate the trust of the director, letting us play and have fun, it’s a job that has that particularity It was made with little money, very well shot, a very small independent film, nobody had a big salary, but we contributed our performance, because we wanted to do it“.

The chemistry between the protagonists was very natural and thus reaffirms it Osvaldo: “Miguel Rodarte and I were already friends, the friendship was strengthened. Presenting the film at the Hermosillo Film Festival was a very special moment for us.”

Osvaldo Benavidez is aware that audiences in the United States can be difficult: “They don’t like to watch movies that aren’t in their language, finally you have to respect the nature of the film. The audience will find something they like, things are constantly happening, it moves, it has emotion, romance. You have to focus on the hits of the movie.” At the moment, the actor is focused on the recordings of the telenovela “Lo que la vida me robó”, but in his spare time he is a lover of the nightlife of Mexico City, especially musical events.

The sky is blue” is waiting for a release date for 2014 in Mexico and the United States. It is directed by Andrew Fierberg and also has stephanie sigman (“Miss Bala”) within its cast.

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Osvaldo Benavides and Miguel Rodarte make their way in Hollywood

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