Patrick Wayne remembers his father in Almería, where he will be honored

The American actor Patrick Wayne today remembered his father, the mythical John Wayne, of whom he said “he didn’t used to give advice”, during a visit to Almería, a land where he shot several films and where he will be honored on the occasion of the XIV International Short Film Festival ‘Almería en Corto’.

Although he has insisted that John Wayne “was not one to give advice”, he has recalled the filming of the film ‘Los Comancheros’ with his father, a tape that included a scene in which the son had to go out on horseback and it came out “fatal”.

“Then my father told me: Either you learn to ride a horse or you’re out,” he said with a laugh during a press conference at the Almería Provincial Council, before heading to the city’s Walk of Fame, where he discovered a star with his name, which he already wears alongside other filmmakers such as Omar Sharif, Ridley Scott, Max Von Sydow or Arnold Schwarzenegger.

The director of the Festival, Enrique Iznaola, highlighted that the ‘Almería Tierra de Cine’ award, which the actor will receive tonight and which will also be awarded to actress Ángela Molina next Sunday, “represents a reencounter with the past, because Almería It has been and still is a land of cinema”.

“Remembering those international figures who have come to our land is a way of valuing this cinematographic past that is now being built as a future,” he added.

Iznaola has highlighted the “solid career” of Wayne, who shot three films in Almería between the 1970s and 1980s: ‘Sinbad and the eye of the tiger’, ‘La quebrada del diablo’ and ‘Esos locos rustlers’.

In this sense, he also points to the actor’s work “in some of the best films of all time, such as ‘Centaurs of the desert’, ‘The quiet man’ or ‘The Irishman’s tavern'”.

Wayne, who shared filming with stars such as John Ford, has recalled how when he was “8 or 9 years old” he would accompany his father to filming, since he loved the cinema and his brothers did not care a bit, so he had his father “everything” for him.

“You never really get out of the world of cinema,” he has acknowledged, for which he has said that he would be “delighted to shoot again in Almería”, where he went for the first time when his son “was 3 years old and now he is 49”.

“If someone offered me a job for a few weeks… between May and June…”, he joked, drawing laughter from the audience.

However, he says he is “pretty busy” with his work at the ‘John Wayne Cancer Institute’, a job that Iznaola has praised, stating that the actor “has a great career in the cancer foundation that was founded in memory of his father “.

The actor has pointed out that his maternal grandparents were born in Madrid, so every time he returns to Spain, he feels as if he were coming home, and he also lives in a desert area in Arizona, “which is very similar to Almería”.

Wayne, who affirms that he maintains “great friendships that began in Almería, between directors, actors, cast members…”, concluded by showing his “pride” for being awarded the ‘Tierra de Cine’ award, which he will receive tonight and which It is “a great honour”.

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Patrick Wayne remembers his father in Almería, where he will be honored

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