“Perfect strangers” reveal the secrets of Miguel Rodarte

Sinaloan actor Miguel Rodarte is filming the remake of the Italian film “Perfect Strangers” under the orders of Manolo Caro. He is in the third week of filming and right now he is having the nightly calls along with the rest of the cast, which includes Cecilia Suárez, Ana Claudia Talancón, Mariana Treviño, Bruno Bichir and Manuel García Rulfo.

For Rodarte it is a treat to put himself back in the hands of the filmmaker from Guadalajara, since they had not had the opportunity to work together for many years, in fact he remembers that the last time they did it was when Manolo still did not have the fame he has now and it was for a couple of short films that were even made in Guadalajara.

But this feature film, which unites them again, also has several surprises in its making, since it is a remake of an Italian film by the director Paolo Genovese that was presented in 2016 with great box office success and this gave rise to Alex de the Church made its own version in Spain last year with Eduardo Noriega, Belén Rueda, Eduard Fernández and Juana Acosta, among others, in the cast, but the phenomenon does not stop, just the story is in the process of filming in Turkey, Brazil, Greece and now Mexico.

Manolo saw Alex de la Iglesia’s version and felt that the plot could be made in Mexico, and in that sense Rodarte comments that there is no one like the filmmaker from Guadalajara to carry out the film, precisely because of his ability to portray interpersonal relationships, which is why is that he did not hesitate to be part of this adventure that is planned to be released at the end of the year. Rodarte affirms that not because it is a project that is cooking quickly, it does not stop having the quality that is required.

In the plot, Miguel plays a lawyer who lives a sentimental relationship and in a meeting of couples, the secrets of him and of all those who will be at the same table, will begin to shine and be revealed. Four couples, who have known each other forever, propose a game where their worst secrets will come out: read the messages aloud and publicly answer the calls they receive on their cell phones during the meeting.

Rodarte assures that the context is very interesting at a time when societies develop their lives very attached to communication technologies and this highlights that we all have a public life, a private life and a secret life.

The success of “Timeshare”

Last Tuesday, June 5, the 60th edition of the Ariel Awards of the Mexican Academy of Cinematographic Arts and Sciences (AMACC) was held, where Miguel Rodarte won the award for Best Male Co-acting for the film “Time Shared” by director Sebastián Hoffman, in fact, said tape anticipates its commercial premiere at the end of August of this year.

For Miguel it was a surprise to first be nominated, since it was the first time he had received an Ariel nomination and the icing on the cake was his triumph. Andrés Almeida was also the winner for the same film as a box actor. And to the good streak of awards is added the one that Luis Gerardo Méndez obtained as an actor at the Guadalajara International Film Festival (FICG) and the award for Best Screenplay that the film won at Sundance.

Rodarte emphasizes that he does not choose his projects based on obtaining awards, for him the main thing is to connect with the stories and the characters, however, he feels very grateful to The Academy for having chosen him to enjoy this recognition and that it represents an effort important about the trajectory you have built.

In addition to the fact that with this role, he was able to show that he is not only an actor who is good at comedies, but that he can venture into serious and dramatic roles, in “Time Share” he plays Andrés, a man who works in a hotel of timeshares and who is going through the loss of a son, in fact his character has few dialogues, but many moments of reflection where as an actor, he works with his entire body.

Other projects

Miguel Rodarte continues with more film and television projects, some that are more developed than others, but he prefers to notify them when they are more specific, for example, with the series “Las Buchonas de Tierra Blanca”, he assures that he hopes it will come out light in the coming months as it has been a project that has been delayed, but the public will be pleased because it will also have a bit of comedy.


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“Perfect strangers” reveal the secrets of Miguel Rodarte

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