Prey Movie Review – Sorry Arnold Schwarzenegger, But This Is Hands Down The Best Predator Movie Right Now

Prey is a throwback to ’80s Hollywood in more ways than one. Firstly, it opened in India two months after its world premiere (who even makes it in the 2020s), and secondly, it’s a mix of survival drama and no-nonsense monsters, the kind that the ’80s we were thrown regularly. But Prey is good, really good. In fact, I can even commit sacrilege and say that it is better than all the other Predator movies before it. Yes, including the one with Arnold Schwarzenegger. But before you bring out the pitchforks, let me explain why. Also read: Werewolf by Night review: Marvel special shows how to bring a monster into the MCU

Prey, set in early 1700s America, is a prequel to the Predator franchise, which establishes the arrival of a Predator in America, where he comes face to face with a Comanche tribe and some French travelers. Faithfully following the premise of the first Predator film, it shows how a Comanche woman, Naru (Amber Midthunder), uses her training, courage and ingenuity to defeat this mighty hunter.

Between 1987 and 2018, there were four Predator movies and two largely forgettable crossovers with the Alien franchise. Aside from the original Predator (1987), none were well received by critics and audiences. Most of it was due to how these movies tried to subvert the Predator concept and use it in different settings: urban, 21st century, alien ship and whatnot. But the beauty of a Predator is that its terror intensifies in the desert. After all, he is the most efficient hunter in the galaxy. You need to give him the forest to stalk prey from him, and that’s exactly what Prey does.

Prey works because he understands his villain. Unlike other Hollywood ‘monsters’, Predator is not a mindless monster. He is a cunning hunter who uses his technology and ingenuity to outsmart his prey. He enjoys hunting in an almost sadistic and ritualistic manner, but is efficient enough not to let prey escape. He can’t be beaten with technology or brute force because there he is far ahead of the humans. He can only be outmatched by someone using his wits and superior knowledge of the environment. That’s what Dutch (Arnold Schwarzenegger) did in the 1987 original and that’s exactly what Naru does in Prey.

Dane DiLiegro’s take on the Predator is substantially different than what we’re used to, but no less menacing.

Many have called Naru Mary Sue, a word used to describe a female character who is too overpowered or flawless to be attractive. Similar complaints have been made lately about other heroines like Captain Marvel. But I wonder if any of those people have seen the movie. For almost the entire movie, Naru struggles to stay alive against the attack of the beast that she has in front of her. Yes, the best hunters fall to the Predator while she survives, but that’s because she proves smarter. And as we’ve established, brute force cannot win against the Predator. As for those wondering how a teenager can beat a Predator where an elite paramilitary team failed (in the original movie), one must understand that even the Predator here is less evolved, with older technology and less awareness than his descendant of 1987. Pretty much levels the playing field.

The action is realistic, the plot is well written, and the Predator is genuinely menacing. The choice to redesign the character a bit was a bold one, considering how iconic the Predator’s look is, but it paid off because it establishes that this one has less experience and evolution than the previous ones, and therefore is a bit more fallible. . The characters are basic as the film wastes no time establishing a complex backstory for them. You get into the thick of the action quickly. But they are still relatable and you feel for them. There are quite a few throwbacks to the first film, cleverly inserted throughout the narrative, giving Prey a homage feel, but done quite smoothly.

Prey is a nice watch and, at under a hundred minutes, it’s sharp too. It’s something fans have been yearning for years: a Predator sequel that gets the premise. Now that we finally have it, can we stop bashing the nitty-gritty details and supposed genre agendas (whatever that means) and enjoy this excellent action flick? Prey premiered in the US in August and finally got its Indian release on Disney+ Hotstar on October 7.


Director: Dan Trachtenberg

To emit: Amber Midthunder, Dakota Beavers, Dane DiLiegro, Michelle Thrush, and Coco the Bitch.

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Prey Movie Review – Sorry Arnold Schwarzenegger, But This Is Hands Down The Best Predator Movie Right Now

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