Pulp Fiction: Samuel L. Jackson and Uma Thurman return to act together

They will do it in “Kill Room”, a comedy that crosses the mafia with the world of art.

The hyper recognized Samuel L Jackson Y Uma Thurman will star in an upcoming thriller titled The Kill Rooma luck of black comedy that takes placebetween the world of art and the mafia.

After meeting on Sunday March 27 at the 94th Oscars ceremony with John Travolta to present the award for best actor evoking -shortly after Will Smith’s slap- the famous dance and the 18th anniversary of the premiere of Violent Times (Pulp Fiction)it was learned that Jackson and Thurman will once again share the cast in a feature film that will be directed by Nicol Paonewith script of jonathan jacobson.

Jackson, who received a prize from the Hollywood Academy over the weekend honorary oscarwill play a mafia boss involved in a money laundering operation.

Uma Thurman, Samuel L. Jackson and John Travolta, at the Oscars, remembering the dance from “Pulp Fiction”. AP Photo

Double role for Uma

In the case of Thurman, who will also produce the film, she will have the role of a suggestive marchand that he must recruit the artistic sector to confront the gangsters after a hit man under the command of Jackson’s character becomes, unusually, overnight -and the product of a strange confusion-, a reputable avant-garde artist.

The filming of the film that will bring together the figures of Quentin Tarantino will begin in the next weeks in New Jersey and New York, as reported by the specialized site The Hollywood Reporter.

“Honestly, for me to have the chance to make the incredible script of The Kill Room with Uma Thurman and Samuel L. Jackson is beyond my wildest dreams…”, graphed Paone, who earned a place in Hollywood as a screenwriter for the production company Will Ferrell and Adam McKay.

Uma Thurman, Samuel L. Jackson and John Travolta, in the last delivery of the Oscar Awards.  Reuters Photo

Uma Thurman, Samuel L. Jackson and John Travolta, in the last delivery of the Oscar Awards. Reuters Photo

The deserved Oscar

In turn, Samuel spoke about his nomination for Violent times.

In an interview with Sunday Times, the remarkable actor commented on the current situation of the Oscar where, unlike other colleagues, he does believe that “It’s important to recognize superhero movies” and those products that can “fill movie theaters” and ended by ensuring that he should have taken the statuette What Best Supporting Actor in 1994 for his role in pulp fiction.

“I guess black actors usually win by doing despicable things on screen. Like Denzel Washington for being a horrible cop in Training Day. All the amazing things he did in inspiring roles like malcolm x? No, we’ll give it to this son of a bitch… So maybe I should have won one for my role in pulp fiction“.

On pulp fictionit was said a thousand times that Uma Thurman had to be convinced. According to the director, at first she was opposed to the role of Mia Wallace, that would make her world famous. Quentin Tarantino loved her no matter what, so he called her at home and for a long time he read her the script over the phone. So he managed to convince her of her.

Uma didn’t like the song You Never Can Tell, from Chuck Berrywhich sounds in the famous dance scene between mia and vincent, since she believed that it did not fit. Of course, the character girl told Quentin himself. The director simply asked him for a favor: “Trust me, it’s perfect.”


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Pulp Fiction: Samuel L. Jackson and Uma Thurman return to act together

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