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original edition: World’s Finest Comics nos. 175-176 USA, The Brave and the Bold nos. 79-85, Batman no. 219, Batman Illustrated by Neal Adams (extras)
Departure date: March 2017
Screenplay: Bob Haney, Cary Bates, Leo Dorfman, Mike Friedrich
He drew: Neal Adams
Format: Hardcover, 232 pages. In color.
Price: €23.00

The label Valente Y Abold (in English The Brave and the Bold) has a historical sense in DC Comics, since it was the collection that was in charge of bringing together various characters from this universe to live different adventures. For a while it could be said that the protagonist of the collection was Batman, so Bruce Wayne saw how Gotham City kept being visited by all kinds of superheroes, ranging from Aquaman to Green Arrow.

At one stage of the collection, more specifically about six issues published between 1968 and 1970, a certain Neal Adams that at that time he was beginning his career in the publishing house. The now mythical cartoonist who has come to visually define Batman Like few other authors, he was here giving his first kicks and already demonstrating the inherent talent he possessed. Last March, ECC ediciones compiled the contribution of Adams to this regular series framed in his line of “Great Batman Authors”a perfect opportunity to enjoy the most classic DC… for better and for worse.

Apart from the numbers of “The Brave and the Bold” two numbers are added “World’s Finest Comics” in which the dark knight shared pages with Superman. These two stories, published in 1968, perfectly define the so-called Silver age DC Comics.

Two innocent, childish stories, without any pretension and that serve only to play with the characters, the result will shock those who are not used to it but you have to know how to put it in its context and you have to take into account that at that time the Comics Code Authority that exerted strong pressure to control the material that was published, in the end they are an innocent appetizer for the main course, the numbers of the collection that gives its name to the volume.

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Although there is still a clear difference with respect to the conception of Batman and other characters that we currently have, the numbers of “The Brave and the Bold” They are the best of the volume as it should be. Without being really groundbreaking or imaginative mysteries, they are more credible than his adventures with Superman and allow us to see Batman and Bruce Wayne in all their facets, in this way he will be accompanied by characters like Deadman, Flash, Aquaman, Creeper, Sergeant Rock ( which allows us to see the dark knight in the middle of World War II) and even Green Arrow, before he became socially conscious and lost his fortune. Most of them turn out to be correct (which is made good by Adams’ wonderful work on the drawings) but the ones that stand out above the rest are those involving Sergeant Rock and the one that closes the volumea complement to the regular Batman series that tells us in a carol and in a beautiful way that sometimes Christmas miracles exist, even in Gotham.

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Picture of "The Brave and the Bold" #79 by Bob Haney and Neal AdamsBut the undisputed protagonist is Neal Adams: the cartoonist shows off his enormous talent for drawing and he comes to deliver drawings and compositions clearly ahead of his time. That the best numbers are those mentioned above is thanks to the fact that it is in those two that Adams breaks loose and gives us brilliant vignettes, worthy of framing.

His realistic style and his characteristic stroke are identifiable at all times and his Batman, as we have mentioned before, is incredibly recognizable, since for many years his talent transcended the cartoons of the comics and served to illustrate other DC products, whether it was merchandising or even promotional material for television series. He manages to give Batman that dark and mysterious tone that authors such as Frank Miller would later exploit despite some scripts that cling to the most childish version of the character, according to the times of the time. Regarding the rest of the characters, the result is also more than correct, especially with Rock, Deadman or Green Arrow, while with Flash or Aquaman the result is somewhat more irregular.

The ECC edition is aware of the public for which the volume is intended and adds a multitude of extras at the end, including sketches and illustrations by Adams that were not officially used for various reasons, ideal for fans of the famous cartoonist.

“Great Batman Authors: Neal Adams – Brave and Bold” is a perfect comic for those who love the silver age of DC, Neal Adams or both, since they give us classic stories of the time, with all the bad things that entails, illustrated by one of the best cartoonists that has ever had the editorial throughout its history.

you can acquire “Great Batman Authors: Neal Adams – Brave and Bold” here.

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[Reseñas] Great Batman Authors: Neal Adams – Brave and Bold – BdS

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