Review of The Fourth World, volume 3 – Jack Kirby always great

In the heat of the premiere of Thor: Ragnaröka Marvel hero, we were able to verify that the visual influence of jack kirby It is still very present in today’s creatives. This, to a large extent, was a treat for what we more or less understand about American comics, when we were finally able to get our hands on the The Fourth World volume 3 that Ecc editions (publisher of DC Comics in Spain) launched not long ago.

But what is this about the fourth world? In case you haven’t read our reviews dedicated to The Fourth World volume 1 Y The Fourth World volume 2then we are obliged to update you a bit before continuing to write about this volume 3 that concerns us today.


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the fourth world It is not exactly a single comic, but rather an anthology made up of 4 series of stories in which Jack Kirby shaped the DC Comics cosmos, creating a new mythology of “New Gods” around 1970. This, in his time, it would be the germ of the DC cosmic plane, presenting figures such as steppenwolf (yes, the same as League of Justice), Darkseid, Orion, Lightray, Mr. Miracle, Big Barda, the parademons, etc…

the plot of the fourth world It was structured around four series that were connected to each other, although Kirby subtly suggested it at the beginning and did not reveal it until the story evolved more and more. Thus, the plot began in the pages of Jimmy Olsen, Superman’s frienda classic title that at that time was in the doldrums, and that Kirby raised with his pencil and imagination.

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Three others were added to this collection, this one was homegrown by the well-known “King of comics”. Kirby presented the plot through The Eternal Young (the Forever People), a group of cosmic hippies who opposed Darkseid and his minions, fighting a guerrilla war against them on Earth; the new gods (The New Gods), centered essentially on Orion, the son of Darkseid raised in New Genesis, who, unaware of his lineage, had sworn loyalty and allegiance to his father’s enemies; and finally, Mr Miracle (mister miracle), a super escapist, whose origin went hand in hand with that of Orion.

All these stories, finally, would take shape and meaning in this volume. The Fourth World volume 3which we will talk about next.

the end of the beginning

The Fourth World volume 3 already lays the groundwork for the conclusion of the anthology, which goes on sale in Spain at the end of November, The Fourth World volume 4. The outcome of the conflict between Orion and Darkseid will not take long, nor will the discovery of Mr. Miracle’s heritage or the role that Superman, Jimmy Olsen and the Eternal Youth will play in this grand finale.

the fourth world unfolds exceptionally well in this third volume, for much of its appeal is that Kirby stops pulling forward and instead exposes the facts he’s kept up his sleeve: The origin of the war between New Genesis and Apokolips, the rise of Darkseid, the lineage of Orion and Scott Free, what is hidden behind their respective educations, etc…

In this sense, this volume of The Fourth World volume 3 It is the most interesting of the three that we have read to date, with the most attractive stories at the level of DC mythology. Without going any further, the same number of The New Gods #7exposes the first appearance of steppenwolf and also the history and relationship of mutual hatred between Darkseid and Izaya (better known by his title of Highfather), while in Mr Miracle #7 we attend the defining chapter of the origin of the superhero.

In many ways, this story, its approach and narrative are tremendously cutting edge for their time. Jack Kirby is already ahead of his time in what would later become the great comic crossovers, taking advantage of and taking to a new level elements such as time travel, parallel stories and a chain of “independent” stories that would later collide with each other.


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Perhaps, being honest with our public more than with the work itself, the main difficulty that we find in The Fourth World volume 3, as in the rest of the work, is precisely Kirby’s particular style, full of strength, energy and expressiveness, but which gave anatomy and perspective four kicks in the mouth. In this sense, Kirby is a complex author for a new audience, but one that will delight veterans who already have a trained eye.

From this last comment we infer that The Fourth World volume 3 It is highly recommended reading both for veteran readers and for those who are looking for something more academic and classic, delving deeper into a way of making comics that is very different from today and that is within the bases of current superhero comics.

Fourth World volume 3

The Fourth World volume 3 can already be found in specialized bookstores, online stores and supermarkets. Its recommended price is 35 euros.


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Review of The Fourth World, volume 3 – Jack Kirby always great

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