Rolando, the man from Neuquén who dubbed the voice of Clint Eastwood

The history of the mass media in Norpatagonia dates back to the birth of the radio station LU5 AM 600, in 1945. From that date, the region acquired the characteristics of the identity of its inhabitants and also the representation of the environment and the circumstances in which they originated.

Throughout the Alto Valle, many other stations emerged, such as LU19 in Cipolletti, LU18 Radio El Valle and LU16 in Villa Regina. Also television stations such as Channel 3 of Cutral Co as a closed circuit and LU 84 Channel 7 of Neuquén at the beginning of the 1960s. In all of them, a number of local professionals related to speech, journalism and communication were developed and highlighted. technical assistance.

Soon our region, in the context of the economic and political ups and downs of the country, became an attractive job offer for those who, having worked in the national capital and in search of change and progress, came to the Valley with the best expectations of contributing their experiences, putting them at the service of a promising future full of opportunities.

Rolando Juan de Dios arrived in the City of Neuquén in 1982. He worked on LU5, on Channel 7, on Radio Televisión Educativo, later on Radio Televisión del Neuquén and various local media. He has more than 70 years of presence in the media that some consider a true local Guinness record. He defines himself as a professional who dedicated his life to the microphone.

In dialogue as LM Neuquen, commented: “The microphone was my companion since 1949, although I remember that that first time I even got a kick out of being in front of it. My first radio contact was on Radio Porteña, which is now Continental, in a school for children’s artistic training that existed at that time, there I took the first steps of my training”.

“The initial kick, inevitably, was radio drama, which was the fashionable genre and was also on the rise, one of the strongest props of radio. I had the opportunity and the luck of life to participate in radio dramas of almost all radios that existed at that time in Buenos Aires. We were children at that time, and the boys who worked in the radio were called “Meritorious”. There were also older boys, but those of us who were just starting out, they gave us some little word or phrase , a “sandwich” as they said, for the intervention in the radio play. Then you had to demonstrate your ability over time and as you demonstrated, they gave you roles with more extensive or complex interventions, perhaps corresponding to other characters a little more important,” he added.

“The names of the radio dramas in which I participated are so many that it is really difficult to remember them all, but, for example, “Samsón y Dalila” performed by Elisa Christian Galvé and Amadeo Novoa. I also worked with Jorge Salcedo, Delfy de Ortega, Francisco de Paula, what I’m telling you about was on Radio Belgrano. I worked with practically 90% of the artists of that time. I was a 9-year-old boy when I started,” he said.

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That boy who had the privilege of working with the greatest of the golden age of radio theater became a restless young man whose activity gradually diversified into other media such as television in line with the complex art of dubbing, which in the words of a colleague and friend, broadcaster Edmundo Rivanera, also provides a revealing fact:

“The “Cuero Crudo” series, which was one of the most watched in Argentina and in which Clint Eastwood was one of the protagonists, was dubbed into Spanish by Rolando Juan de Dios and yet it has not yet been recognized in Buenos Aires as It should be. We Argentines usually do not recognize in life who it corresponds to and Rolando is someone who really deserves it, not only for what he has done, but also for his whole attitude to life, ”he explained.

Rolando also recalled that milestone in his career: “I dubbed Clint Eastwood when he was an illustrious stranger, in 1963 when he was a young actor and was beginning to take his first steps as a movie star and I was lucky by chance, to to be able to do the dubbing of his voice, on Channel 13. I took the dubbing activity forward for at least 15 years, giving the voice to many famous actors such as Peter Sellers and many more. I also worked as Director of Works and many other things”

Soon his love of professionalizing and venturing into other formats brought him closer to the world of animation and nothing less than the hand of the remembered Joaquín Salvador Lavado, better known as Quino, who was the creator of Mafalda.

“I did the voice of Mafalda’s father in the television strip. She had an international scope, each country “dubbed” her in her own way and I was one of the voices of Argentina interpreting precisely that character. Actually, I had been hired as the Voice Director for the actors in the series. While directing, Quino, who was present, heard my voice and liked it, so he asked me to do the voice of Mafalda’s father, so the “casting” was done by the same creator of the strip, “he added.

However, the radio, his first love, seemed to claim him as at the beginning of his career as a bastion of creativity in which he did not stop reaping thanks.

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“Radio is my genesis and also the work that I basically did all my life. Even in recent times, when I was doing a program, “Delivery de Jazz”. Around that time they hospitalized me, because I had many health problems like now. One afternoon a nurse started talking to me, asking my age, now I am 82 and at that time I was 80. When I told her, she looked at me and said in turn, “You still have a lot to give” and I stayed surprised because the girl didn’t know me or anything and caught my attention, mainly due to my age,” he said.

“When I came out of the hospital and went to one of the media outlets where I work, RTN (Radio y Televisión del Neuquén) and they told me they had to give me some news and it was that I was nominated for the Martín Fierro Award and I immediately remembered what the nurse had told me. Coming out of the hospital and knowing that I was ternado seemed to me one of the most fantastic things that have happened to me, “he said.

“In my training since I was very young, they gave me two key parameters for my life and to support them for all the work and trajectory of every day in my career: the “Ethical Value” and the “Aesthetic Value”. This means, among other things, respect for the listener, preparing the programs well and, if possible, writing scripts, always studying to deepen one’s knowledge, working as little improvised as possible, because in addition to making one feel good, it makes the listener feel It also feels very good, being something that he invariably recognizes,” he said.

On November 1 at 8:00 p.m. at the Cine Teatro Español, he will participate in the Audiovisual Show “EN EL AIRE”, a tribute on stage that will bring together journalists, technicians and announcers, who forged radio and television in our region since its inception. It is an integral production of the “People of Radio and Television of Neuquén and Río Negro” Group. Emblematic figures such as Abraham Tohmé, Raúl Valladares, Tito del Vó, Ana María Lambert, Carmen Sanmartín, Mariana Lourdes, Dante Morosani and Carlos el Gaucho Agundez, among others, will also participate in the event.

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Rolando, the man from Neuquén who dubbed the voice of Clint Eastwood

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