Samuel L. Jackson opposes oblivion

Samuel L Jackson He remembers the afternoons when he could sit down with his grandfather to have those unforgettable conversations that many can relate to.

Today, he does not know if young people continue to have these dynamics, especially in the West, since he considers that in some societies such as Asia, elders are still respected. A practice that should be a priority in our days when the world has gone through a pandemic.

“I was taught to talk to the older people in my neighborhood and they were part of my education, so my idea of ​​who they were and how they fit into my life was very different than it is now. I knew everyone in my neighborhood and many people throughout the city”, he tells EL UNIVERSAL.

His character in the miniseries “The last days of Ptolemy Grey”, which premieres on March 11 on the Apple TV + platform, is an older adult who experiences this dilemma.

On the one hand, his family has abandoned him and left him to his own devices, despite the fact that he has senile dementia; on the other, a teenager who has no relation to him (Robyn, played by Dominique Fishback) is the one who arrives to accompany him and take care of him after the only person she looked up to for him dies.

For this work Jackson was inspired by his own experience with Alzheimer’s: his mother, grandfather and uncles had some type of senile dementia, which is why he has joined campaigns for the investigation of this disease as he did in 2019 with “Share the orange”.

“I tried to give Ptolemy [su personaje] specific qualities. He is very much like some of my grandfather’s brothers when he is in certain situations or like some people I have met in my life who had certain colors in their personality, ways of speaking, of remembering things, of enjoying life, of seeing things. things clearly or take risks, just like I’ve always done,” he explains.

The actor remembers seeing his mother with his mind in another place, a situation that he transferred to the set: “I put that look or attitude in a way that the audience could sit, see it and say ‘oh, my God, I remember that’, especially if they had someone at home going through the same thing.”

But Jackson wanted to emphasize that they should not all be sad situations: adults and the stages they live in deserve to be viewed with respect. He remembers, for example, his mother and aunt having fun times when they are older and enjoying life. In the same way, his character has a new opportunity in the series when he is sheltered by Robyn, who is in charge of making his home more welcoming.

Regarding the possibility of having some kind of dementia, Samuel recently told the Bang Showbiz site that he has moments when he cannot remember a name, or when he enters a room he forgets what it was for, but, on the other hand, his 73 years remember pages of dialogue.

Family heritage

Samuel is known to many young people for playing agent Nick Fury in the Marvel movie saga, but the world he grew up in was very different from today’s young people.

He says that as a child he did not have a television and spent his nights listening to radio dramas with his grandfather, learning to create stories through his voice.

“My grandfather liked to make up stories and tell them to me and then he would have me create one and tell it to him. I lived in a house with him, my grandmother, my aunt, and she was a teacher; when I was very little I was always putting on plays”.

The story of the miniseries comes from the homonymous book by Walter Mosley, published in 2010, and for more than 10 years Samuel L. Jackson had been interested in bringing it to the screen, which he also does as a producer. In addition to the actor and Dominique, the cast includes Cynthia Kaye McWilliams and Omar Benson Miller, among others.

Dominique Fishback is Robyn, who accompanies Ptolemy.

Samuel L Jackson
“Ptolemy is like some people I’ve met in my life who had certain colors in their personality, to enjoy life”

6 EPISODES Has the miniseries for which both Walter Mosley and Samuel L. Jackson are producers


The beginning. Among Samuel L. Jackson’s first appearances is the one he made for Coming to America, alongside Eddie Murphy, where he played the man who holds up McDowell’s restaurant.

Consecration. Pulp fiction, Jackie Brown and A time to kill earned the actor nominations for awards such as the Oscar.

Legacy. He is part of two great franchises within the cinema, that of Star Wars (episodes I, II and III) and that of Marvel superheroes, in which he has more than 10 films.

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Samuel L. Jackson opposes oblivion

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