Samuel L. Jackson reveals if he would appear in a DC movie or not

Samuel L. Jackson is one of the most recognized actors in Hollywood. The actor has been a part of various franchises such as Jurassic Park, Star Wars, the Monsterverse and for the last 14 years, the MCU as Nick Fury. However, it seems that as Samuel L. Jackson himself has revealed, joining the DC Universe is not something that appeals to him too much.

Will we see Samuel L. Jackson move to DC? the actor responds

In recent years, Samuel L. Jackson has become an icon of cinema, in part for his role as Nick Fury in the MCU. His role as director of SHIELD has made him appear in several Marvel films as avengers, Captain America: The Winter Soldier either Captain Marvel. And the actor looks like he’ll be around as Nick Fury for a lot longer, especially with Secret Invasion, Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania either the marvels among his future projects.

Therefore, with a name with so much weight within the MCU, perhaps there is a certain ‘loyalty’ to Marvel. And it is that in a recent interview, L. Jackson was asked if he would make a DC movie, to which the actor replied the following:

Well, I mean, all of us actors are mercenaries. It’s kind of what we do, we act for who we act for, but… I don’t know if I’m going to read a DC script that will make me say: yes, this is great! Because they’re pretty predictable, because…I mean, I’m a comic book fan, so I’ve been reading scripts forever.

With these statements, several things can be concluded: that the actor is not closed to appearing in DC, but that he has not found any script that really attracted him. That is, the possibility of seeing Samuel L. Jackson in a DC movie is not something entirely impossible. He just has to be offered a good opportunity. In fact, the actor has revealed how with DC but that he really does not know how they are cinematically:

And honestly, I don’t even read Marvel comics, I just watch them, and when I discovered myself as Nick Fury, I looked at myself and said, “What am I doing on this cover?” And that was it, I put it back. But with DC I’ve read them my whole life, you know. We’ve all come through Superman, Batman, Silver Surfer, Aquaman, I was a swimmer…I was very into DC. But I don’t know what becomes of them cinematically.

DC Characters Samuel L. Jackson Could Play

With Samuel L. Jackson himself open to appearing in a DC film, it just needs to be the right project and a character that fits him. In this way, a great option for the actor would be Lucius Fox. Lucius Fox is an ally of Batman, in charge of providing him with his very useful technology to fight crime. Morgan Freeman himself was in charge of interpreting him in the trilogy of Dark Knight. Therefore, with the successful batman winning the affection of the audience, fans and critics, what better option than to see him in the sequel as this character?

Samuel L Jackson reveals if he would appear in a

Other possible characters for L. Jackson could be the hero Icon, Val Zod’s version of Jol-El, or even Cyborg’s father Silas Stone. Although the latter was recently played by Joe Stone in both versions of Justice League. Either way, chances are high to see Samuel L. Jackson in DC.

And well reader, what do you think of the possibility of seeing Samuel L. Jackson in DC? Let us know in the comments.

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Samuel L. Jackson reveals if he would appear in a DC movie or not

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