Samuel L. Jackson Says Winning an Oscar Isn’t Really Important in Hollywood

Samuel L. Jackson Says Winning an Oscar Isn’t Really Important in Hollywood

Samuel L Jackson He is one of the most recognized actors in Hollywood who, despite his advanced age, is still quite active in the industry. With more than 200 films in his career, the native of Washington He has extensive knowledge of the largest and smallest details of this business in the United States, keeping extensive experience on the interests of the great mass that comprises the world of entertainment. During a recent interview with iNews, jackson declares that winning an Oscar is not really important for those who work in the world of cinema.

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Known for his acting in movies like Violent Times (94%), The Incredibles (97%), Django Unchained (87%), Hard to Care For (39%), Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace (55%), Kill Time (67%)Kong: Skull Island and many more, Samuel L Jackson He is a man who loves to be active on the set, so he always has a project in development. Although from time to time he participates in largely mediocre productions, the 73-year-old interpreter knows how to function in the Hollywood business and knows the depths of the praxis that is handled in those exclusive circles. Here his words about the Oscar.

[Eso] It doesn’t change your career path much. Lots of people have them and haven’t done much since then. […] They should have an Oscar for most popular movie. Because that’s what business is about. There are more stories to tell and people need more content. And the audience itself is very different. The people who write and tell the stories are very different. So the palette of stories is full of people who write and tell them.

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The subject of the Oscars is something that has amplified the debates around it, at least in very recent years. The Academy has failed to keep the interest in the live ceremony as it was a couple of decades ago; Faced with the new reality, they have made the decision to implement some new measures in order to keep people’s attention, for example, those Twitter competitions about popular movies in which fans can participate. On the other hand, it has decided to eliminate several categories from the live broadcast in order to make the ceremony shorter and therefore easier for viewers to watch; It is worth mentioning that the latter has been a disaster between the directors’ guild and others involved in the industry. The Oscars 2022 will take place on March 27, will they be able to obtain the favor of the public?

Though jackson Already widely known for many great movies and characters, his entry into the Marvel Cinematic Universe allowed him to unlock a new level of fame. His work as Nick Fury has spanned over a decade and he still has every intention of returning to play the hero. The last time we saw him on screen was during the final minutes of Spider-Man: No Way Home (92%), taking command of forces not only within the Earth, but on an interstellar level; it is clear that the character has reached a new level in which ensuring the safety of the planet is the most important thing.

When will we see Nick Fury on the big screen again? We don’t really know. Marvel Studios has a large number of movies on the way and the character will probably be included in some of them, it will be a matter of time.

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Samuel L. Jackson Says Winning an Oscar Isn’t Really Important in Hollywood

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