‘Secret Story’ leads the night with ‘Mula’ by Clint Eastwood hot on his heels on Antena 3

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Adara was the last expelled from Secret Story, the Telecinco reality show that this Thursday also opened the voting to choose the contestant who deserves to be refished. A delivery scores a 17.3% share with 1,784,000 viewers, according to Kantar data offered by Barlovento Comunicación, GECA and Dos30′. This is an improvement over last week’s gala.

Antena 3 had good audiences in its late night slot. Antena 3 Noticias 2 was the most watched program of the day with 21.3% and 3,103,000 viewers, and the anthill, who received Martín Berasategui and David de Jorge as guests, was the leader of his slot with a 15.9% share and 2,448,000 viewers. stayed close to Pass wordthe most watched non-informative program of the day, also on Antena 3, signed 2,473,000 viewers and 20%and which gathered 3,984,000 followers in its golden minute.

After the Pablo Motos program, the network opted to broadcast movies, since it has withdrawn the new season of Paco’s men for your bad data. And the play went well for him, because the tape Muledirected by and starring Clint Eastwood reached 1,676,000 viewers with the 18.1% share, becoming the second option of its strip. Telecinco took an advantage of 58,000 viewers and 0.6 percentage points in coincidence.

In La 1, the third episode of the series HIT dropped again from the million viewers. An 7.1% and 928,000 viewers They were attentive to the teachings of the pedagogue Hugo Ibarra Toledo, in a delivery dedicated to sexual consent.

Iker Jiménez presented a new installment of Horizonin Cuatro, which on this occasion scored a 6.9% share Y 620,000 viewers. The program analyzed the Logroño murderer and the reasons why he was released. It loses 1.3 points and 114,000 viewers compared to its previous installment, when it was analyzed in a blackout or ‘black out’.

in the 2 how we laugh write down 589,000 viewers and a 3.8% share, and then, Mirror Mathematics with Carlos del Amor goes down to 398,000 viewers and a 3.3% share. On laSexta, for its part, reruns of The undercover boss mark 348,000 and 3.9%.

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‘Secret Story’ leads the night with ‘Mula’ by Clint Eastwood hot on his heels on Antena 3

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