Series: What are Juliette Lewis, Tyler Posey and Bobby Cannavale up to?

juliette lewis. There are series that suffer from excess expectations. The new fiction of a consecrated author is supposed to always surpass itself without repeating old formulas. Something about all this seems to have tipped the balance of Lena Dunham and her creative partner Jenni Konner when creating Campinghis first post series Girls. Far from their comfort zone, the writers and filmmakers did not hit the tone of the comedy starring jennifer garner which confronts the controlling and neurotic Kathryn. An unbearable character but above all too far from any kind of credibility. The find in the early episodes of the HBO show is Juliette Lewis. The actress of Murderers by nature embodies the exact opposite of Kathryn. Her Jandice is a compendium of lack of control, chaos and new age which works as the (im) perfect catalyst for the protagonist’s hobbies. A role that the actress has played before but to which here she adds a sinister and malicious side with remarkable skill.Camping: Available on HBO/HBO Go.

Tyler Posey. The fans of the series teen wolf you will recognize him right away as Scott McCall, the young werewolf of the title. In that fiction that ended last year Posey managed to make the tricky leap from child actor to adult performer. In addition, thanks to the supernatural drama aimed at adolescent audiences, many managed to change the actor’s image as the small and tender son of Jennifer Lopez’s character in the failed romantic comedy. Dream of love, for one of potential heartthrob in her own right. A role that he plays in the new season of the brilliant Jane The Virgin. A passionate illustrator and comic artist, his Adam returns to the protagonist’s life after a long separation, a story line well in tune with the soap opera formulas that the series constantly uses and subverts. The task of playing a new love interest in Jane’s life was not easy and yet, Posey achieves the goal and forces fans of the series to bet on the new romance. Jane The Virgin 😀Available in Lifetime/Flow.

Bobby Cannavale. Hyperkinetic, loud and always on the verge of a fit of anger and violence barely contained the character of Cannavale in the shining homecoming does not appear in scenes that are too long and his interaction with Heidi Bergman, the character played by Julia Roberts, It is mostly by phone. And even so, these limitations seem to play in favor of the composition of the actor who usually stands out no matter how important his role is. This is how he did it in his appearances in Will&Grace, where he played the sweet but not too intelligent police boyfriend of Will and in Master of None. In the second season of the Netflix series created and headed by Aziz Ansari, Cannavale played a chef turned TV personality with some dark sides. Those traits were also guessed in the mysterious character he played in the third season of Mr Robot, the fiction of Sam Esmail. Which, not coincidentally, is also the director of the ten episodes of homecoming. Homecoming 😀Available on Amazon Prime Video.

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Series: What are Juliette Lewis, Tyler Posey and Bobby Cannavale up to?

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