The 3 most iconic cars in Clint Eastwood’s movies

Clint Eastwood is an outspoken fan of automotive culture. So much so that hundreds of them participate in his films. Some are even “protagonists”. Next, we delve into this history of cinema and automotive culture.

Clint Eastwood is a representative of American cinema around the world. We know of his extensive career as an actor, screenwriter, producer and film director. It goes without saying: he has left us several gems, movies we can return to when we need a “fix” of Eastwood.

Born in San francisco California, Clinton Eastwood Jr.. has established a whole style of narrative. Where to put the camera, in Eastwood, is a central issue. In turn, outside of stylistics when filming, in his cinema the issue of identity is transcendental.

The American identity is usually, with more or less prominence, in all Clint’s films. Having participated in a war -whether that of Korea or that of Vietnam-, having been born in lands that were previously slaveholders, the perspective of the “American Way”, the possession of weapons by the civilian population, attachment or rejection that can generate the flag of the stars and stripes waving.

That is why the cars, in the cinema of EastwoodThey are not a mere accessory. We know that one of the strong -and decisive- points of the great process of industrialization of the USA it was the cars. The design, planning, manufacturing and sale of cars is key to the global growth of this country.

It is because of that EastwoodThroughout his filmography, he has been portraying cars in a special way, giving them importance and letting them “speak”. When I say “talk” I mean what is narrative about the fact that there is a Lamborghini on stage, instead of a General Motors Corvette. That, for Eastwood, already has significance, it already describes, it already “speaks”.

At Tork we are fans of cinema and cars, which is why today we will delve into the most iconic cars in the cinema of Clint Eastwood. It wasn’t an easy task, as there are literally hundreds of them, but I think we did a good job of selecting. At least it is representative.

3- Lincoln Mark LT, from The mule (2018)

Lincoln Mark LT, from The Mule.

The mule” is a film that balances between Road Movie and a drama. Eastwood directs and stars in it. He has done this operation with several films: think of himself as the “main character”.

The all-rounder that arises in The mule is the Lincoln Mark LT. Completely in black and with a modern look, this vehicle is central to the film as Eastwood does his “deals” with it.

Lincoln, as you know, is one of the most representative brands in the United States. That Eastwood has chosen this brand for the practice of drug trafficking is not a mere detail.

2- Ford Galaxie 500, from Mystical river (2003)

Ford Galaxie 500, from Río Místico.

Great drama, with shades of suspense, has filmed Eastwood in the suburbs of Boston. The pendulous story about three characters who meet again after many years, against the backdrop of the crime of the daughter of one of them.

The city and the routine are very present on camera, and in it, many cars. But there is one that Eastwood films in particular.

Its about ford galaxy 500, entirely in black, which takes part in one of the most important scenes of the film: when some strangers take away a child who is playing in the street with his friends. Spacious and with design lines that generate firmness, the galaxy 500 Yes, he “speaks” in this filming.

1- Ford Gran Torino Sport, from grand torino (2008)

Ford Gran Torino Sport, from Gran Torino.

grand torino“, beside “million dollar baby”, are the two most viewed films of Eastwood filmed in this century. Both somewhat bleak, both with generational and ethnic issues.

grand torino It premiered in 2008 and its protagonist is Eastwood himself. Hundreds of cars enter the scene during filming: Impalas, DeVilles, Civics, Taurus. But the protagonist’s Ford Gran Torino Sport is emblematic. Aggressive, aerodynamic and sporty, this 1972 car has everything to represent American culture..

Its owner, in the film, is a war veteran quite reluctant to the Eastern immigration process, that is the plot point of this story.

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The 3 most iconic cars in Clint Eastwood’s movies

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