‘The Blacklist’, the movie with which Clint Eastwood killed Dirty Harry

All heroes, and especially antiheroes, end up falling. The inspector Harold Francis Callahanbetter known as Dirty Harry, nor was he going to get rid of his final outcome. The legend to which Clint Eastwood gave life since the early 70’s fired his 44 Magnum for the last time and closed his saga with The blacklist (1988), fourth and last installment of the classic that don siegel It began in 1971 with the film that gave it its name.

An authentic icon of police cinema, Callahan turned upside down the straight and authoritarian image with which security agents were represented in the fictions of the moment. Arrogant, foul-mouthed, impertinent and excessive male, the character popularized by Eastwood spoke unceremoniously, directly and crudely. He said what people wanted to hear, although -on many occasions- this was carried out in a violent way, crossing the limits of ethics and taking justice into his own hands.

Clint Eastwood in ‘Dirty Harry’ (1971), the film with which the saga began

Clint Eastwood’s Rules

Eastwood’s participation in the saga was decisive, although his name was not the first one they thought of to bring the inspector to life. The same thing happened with his director. Before Siegel, Warner Bross thought of Sydney Pollack or Irvin Kershner, but Eastwood, like Inspector Callahan, ended up imposing his own rules, his participation had one condition, that he be directed by his friend and mentor with whom he had already worked on the human jungle (1968), Two mules and a woman (1970) and the seducer (1971).

When Eastwood was offered to step back into Callahan’s shoes in the late 1980s, the actor he was still in good physical shape, but he was approaching 60 and his tough image had softened a bit. In addition, he was already on his way to his career as a director, he had just said goodbye to the western with the formidable The Pale Rider (Pale Rider, 1985) and directing Bird, his most personal project up to that moment.

what is it about The blacklist?

The plot of the film is based on a “black list” that, as a game, guesses which famous people will die in the near future. but mysteriously the members of the list began to be killedleading Inspector Callahan to investigate who was behind the macabre entertainment.

The most staunch followers of the saga will enjoy this twist in which the director turns the inspector into the double objective of the plot. On the one hand, Callahan will be the enclave of a mafia network, on the other of a mysterious serial killer. Continuing with the classic wink of the saga, the character of Eastwood is a judge and part of history and this gives a plus of entanglement and, although we are facing a classic police movie, Eastwood’s charisma always adds up.

Clint Eastwood and Liam Neeson in ‘The Blacklist’ (1988)

With the suspense of a thriller, The blacklist it also keeps the killer’s identity shrouded in mystery until the very end. The plot is funny, there is even self-parody of itself, which is to be appreciated before a fourth installment in which many already find too many clichés more than worn out. In addition, it is worth noting the presence, among the cast, of two young Liam Neeson Y Jim Carrey. The latter with the eccentric character with which his subsequent fame would be carved. There are also interesting cameos, like a couple of members of the Guns N’ Roses band.

The blacklist (1988), which can be seen this Friday at 10:00 p.m. on La 1, is definitely a farewell that, although for many it did not live up to the legend, was endearing for a character and a way of making movies that, then , was about to disappear.

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‘The Blacklist’, the movie with which Clint Eastwood killed Dirty Harry

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