The cars that marked Denzel Washington’s career

With you, the talented Denzel Washington. The New York actor has an extensive career on the big screen. Today we propose to review the most iconic cars that he had to drive on set. Next, a history of automotive culture and the seventh art.

The New York actor Denzel Washington, is a noble representative of the Hollywood industry. Born in 1954 in Mount Vernon, New York, Washington has a career of more than 30 films. Since his participation in Wilma (1977), Washington has not stopped filming.

“American Gangster”, “The Tragedy of Macbeth”, “Philadelphia”, “John Q”, are just some of the shoots in which the actor has participated. The awards are decisive, but it should be noted that Denzel has several, including two Oscarthree Golden Globes and a Screen Actors Guild Award.

His imprint between serious and rude is a hallmark of Washington, which has particularly led him to shine in action, detective and “special forces” films. in tork, we are fascinated when automotive culture and cinema intermingle. That is why today we propose to review the most iconic cars that Denzel has had to drive on set.

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3. Ford Galaxy 500, from american gangster (2007)

Ford Galaxie 500, from “American Gangster”.

Great action and detective movie hit theaters in 2007. This film with an urban and nocturnal aesthetic mixes the aesthetic Not to go with the classic film imprint of cars, drug dealers, frowns and weapons.

Directed by Ridley Scott and starring Washington and Russell Crowe, this film has several classic museum cars. There’s a Mustang, but it’s not being driven by Denzel. During filming, the actor had to shoot aboard a mythical Ford Galaxy 500 factory dated 1970. Spacious and complete in black, this car has the stamp indicated for the film.

2. Chevrolet Malibu, from The Equalizer 2 (2018)

Chevrolet Malibu, from “The Equalizer 2”.

Translated in some countries as “El Justiciero 2” and in others as “El protector 2”, this film produced by sony pictures hit the big screen in 2018. With its plot sustained by suspense and violence, director Antoine Fuqua films the city of Boston and delivers a solid film.

Denzel Washington stars in the film and has a faithful companion from the North American automotive industry. This is the new generation of a classic model: Chevy Malibu. Dated from the factory in the same year of filming, this urban sports car from General Motors he does know of persecution in the quiet city of Boston.

1. Chevrolet Monte Carlo, from Training day (2001)

Chevrolet Monte Carlo, from “Training Day”.

The sunny and sinful city of The Angels is the setting for this intense action film. Also directed by Antoine Fuqa and starring Washington, Ethan Hawke and Eva Mendes“Training Day” caused a sensation for its ruthless script in 2001, when it hit theaters.

Washington, in the role of a quite peculiar policeman, perhaps carries out one of the best performances of his long career. But he was not alone. the enigmatic Chevrolet Monte Carlo accompanies you wherever you go. Complete in black, with straight lines and a classic imprint: the Monte Carlo of “Training Day” knew -and knows- to capture the attention.

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The cars that marked Denzel Washington’s career

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