The comic loses one of its legends: Neal Adams has died

The world of comics received a strong blow this Friday with the departure of one of its most legendary creators, one who was key in revitalizing “Batman”, “Green Arrow” Y “Green Lantern” in the vignettes.

Neal Adams has died at the age of 80leaving a legacy so great that it is difficult to summarize in a few words.

His death, due to complications from sepsis, as reported by his family, impacted the ninth art during the current day, with authors and fans joining together to celebrate and say goodbye to one of the biggest names that has passed through comics.

Beside Dennis O’Neill, deceased in 2020 at age 81, marked the world of comics with unforgettable works like “Green Lantern/Green Arrow” in the 70swhere they took the space policeman and the archer turned socialist to make them travel through a broken country, facing the problems of real people.

Both helped the comics grow, highlighting their much-celebrated run on “Batman.”. The duo brought the Bat Man back to the most detective side of its rootsreinvigorating it in the 70s with stories full of adventure and crime stories that leave behind the tone camp from the Bat Man comics of those years.

Until today, this stage is considered essential for what came after for the character.

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Together with O’Neil they created unforgettable characters like “Ra’s Al Ghul” and his daughter “Talia”in addition to one of the most recognized “Green Lantern”, “John Stewart”, the first African-American Green Lantern.

In his praised career he also created the villain “Man-Bat” with Frank Robbins and was eternally associated with “dead man” thanks to his stage with “Boston Brand” in which he developed his unmistakable style, breaking up the vignettes and playing with the composition.

Reuniting with O’Neil, they emerged triumphant in a seemingly impossible task: the comic that pitted two pop icons against each other, “Superman vs. Muhammad Ali.”transforming that story in one of the most iconic crossovers in history. ABoth creators considered it their favorite work.

Working at the two big publishers, Marvel and DC, he was on titles like “Avengers: The Kree-Skrull War,” “X-Men,” “Superman,” “The Flash,” and “Detective Comics,” though clearly , his most remembered work is in the house of “Batman”. The trace of him also went through “The Savage Sword of Conan”, “Conan the Barbarian” and his monsters from “Echo of Future Past”.

The fight for the rights of authors

His greatest achievement is linked to the vignettes, but outside of them, being a tireless fighter for the rights of comic book authors.

Adams fought for himself and his colleagues, for better conditions and royalties, managing to guarantee the property rights of the creators in the comic industry and that the two big publishers begin to return the art to the authors, so that they can have new income. with the sale of the original works. As a result, Marvel returned original pages to jack kirbylegendary co-creator of “Fantastic Four” and “Silver Surfer.”

“The world of comics had changed, the revolution was underway, Neal had established himself as a giant headache, but a talented enough headache that they put up with me, and I was fighting for the original art and copyrights and everything else and was helping a number of people and I helped… I don’t know if I helped Jerry (Siegel) and Joe (Shuster) at that time“, assured Adams in a 2007 interview.

In fact, it did help. He was key in defending the creators of “Superman” after legal avenues were exhausted in his fight for the rights of the Man of Steel with DC Comics. Adams contacted the authors and began lobbying to turn the situation around.. The cartoonist spoke with Jerry Robinsonthen president of the National Cartoonists Society, who had no idea of ​​the lawsuit Siegel and Shuster were facing.

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Both traded with Jay Emmettthen vice president of Warner Bros. and new owner of DC, managing to make a deal. Siegel and Shuster got “created by” in the “Superman” movie credits and a lifetime pension, in addition to creator credits in the comics and various media involving the character.

For this and more, Neal Adams will never be forgotten. A legend that will live forever in his work and his achievements outside of the cartoons.

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The comic loses one of its legends: Neal Adams has died

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