The complicated private life of Clint Eastwood: from his infidelities and separations to his relationship with his eight children

  • On screen, Clint had an image of a shy, introverted man focused on his private life.

  • The truth is that his sentimental life has always been more hectic than we could think.

  • It has been full of infidelities, children and complicated divorces.

That Clint Eastwood is one of the most valued actors in the world is a reality. was the movie The bridges of Madison the one that raised him to fame and made him become a serious, elegant guy and, above all, who dazzled everyone. It may be that for many he was a shy man, focused on his films and with a quiet life outside of Hollywood. Nothing could be further from the truth; He was married six times and had eight children..

Clint’s first partner was Maggie Johnson

His first known partner was Maggie

His first partner was Maggie Johnsonwhen they were still very young. They both met when they were 23 years old, they fell in love and, therefore, they did not hesitate to walk down the aisle as soon as possible. Within six months they were married. For all, they appeared as a perfect marriage, stable and without any fissure, but the truth is that married life was not easy.

He had his first daughter, Kimber, with his mistress, Roxanne Tunis.

Kimber is the second daughter of Clint Eastwood.

Kimber is the second daughter of Clint

Clint had several affairs outside of his marriage, some facts that nurtured that fame of womanizer and conqueror. One of his lovers was Roxanne Tuniswith whom he had his first daughter, kimberwhom he did not recognize until 1996. The woman, since 2008, is a professional makeup artist.

Then, within their marriage, Kyle was born

These infidelities caused Eastwood and Johnson to decide to go their separate ways in 1964. Although, yes, they had an intermittent relationship until their son was born, Kyle. Today, he is over 50 years old and dedicates his life to music as a bass player.

Kyle is a bassist.

Kyle is a

In 1972, their second daughter, Alison, came into the world.

In 1972 he came into the world allison, his second daughter. She wanted to follow in her mother’s footsteps and she trained as an actress. Still, over the years she decided that her place was behind the camera, and began working as a director and producer. Maggie and Clint broke up for good in 1984 after a long and complicated divorce.

Alison is a director and producer.

Alison is a director and

Another of his best-known relationships, which took place within his marriage, was with the actress sandra locke. The two actors met on the set of the film. the outlaw. Their relationship lasted for more than thirteen years and together they shot up to five feature films.

During their relationship, Locke got pregnant twice and Clint encouraged her to have an abortion or get a tubal ligation. In the end, the actress shattered any preconceived idea of ​​the actor. According to her claims, Clint isolated Sandra from Hollywood and tried to destroy her career.

With the flight attendant, Jacelyn Reeves, he had two children, Scott and Kathryn.

At that time, Clint had another parallel relationship, in this case with the flight attendant Jacelyn Reeveswith whom he had two other children, Scott and Katherine. And not only that, she also had relationships with two other women; actress Jamie Rose and a script analyst. A life of the busiest in terms of love is concerned. It may be that Scott is her best-known son, since he is dedicated to the world of acting and has participated in several well-known films. For her part, Kathryn, who is also an actress, has not been as successful as her brother and much less her father.

From his courtship with Frances Fisher, Francesca

Francesca is an interpreter like her father.

Francesca is an interpreter like her

His next courtship was with Frances Fisherwhom he met on the set of Pink Cadillac. Together they had a daughter, Francescawho is also an actress. Two years later, the relationship broke down and Eastwood began dating the presenter. Dinah Ruiz35 years younger than him.

Later Morgan came into the world, the fruit of his longest marriage

In January 1996, both announced their commitment and, although the list of lovers had been long, the truth is that the list of marriages was not so long; it would be the second time she walked down the aisle. At the end of that year their daughter was born. Morgan who, like her siblings and parents, has decided to train as an actress.

His little daughter is Morgan.

His little daughter is

Thus, it seemed that this was going to be a marriage for life, but the couple divorced in 2013. Dina asked for full custody of her daughter and her spousal support, which the actor refused. Therefore, they began an important battle in the Courts.

Meanwhile, and how could it be otherwise, Clint began a relationship with Erica Tomlinson-Fisher, ex-wife of ex-basketball player Scott Fisher, who had been the great love of his wife’s youth, Dina. This made the relationship between Dina and Scott, who got married in 2016, closer.

His next courtship was with Christina Sandera, 33 years younger than him.

The relationship between Erica and Clint lasted much less. She later she started an affair with Christina Sandera33 years younger than him and that the actor had already reached 80. After the two posed together in a photocall, rumors began about Christina’s private life, who admitted that he had passed through Alcoholics Anonymous and had participated in anger management therapy.

The last woman who has appeared in his life has been Laurie Murray, his eldest daughter he had fathered while he was engaged to Maggie. Clint was unaware of her existence and when he met Laurie he decided to include her in her family.

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The complicated private life of Clint Eastwood: from his infidelities and separations to his relationship with his eight children

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