The incredible amount of chicken that Ana De La Reguera eats to maintain her figure

Diet and exercise routine of Ana De La Reguera

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Ana De La Reguera is a Mexican actress who has appeared in movies and television shows such as Nacho Libre, Ana, The Forever Purge, Narcos, Goliath, Cop Out, Army Of The Dead and others. . The actress is a talented performer who is also known for her physical fitness.

Many of you, I’m sure, were inspired by Ana’s physical state in her mid-40s. So if you are interested in learning more about the diet and fitness plan of Ana De La Reguera, keep reading.

Ana De La Reguera Diet

Ana’s form indicates that she likes to drink a lot of water and soft drinks to detoxify and get a lot of sleep. Since she didn’t say much about her nutrition, I’ll share mine to help you get the best benefits from your workout.

Ana De La Reguera’s diet includes:
-Avocado toast
Afternoon snack
-Protein shake
-Chicken breast
-Integral rice
-fish or chicken

Body measurements: height and weight
Height 5 feet 4 inches
Weight 55kg
Age 44 years
Sine 33 inches
waist 25 inches
hips 34 inches

Ana De La Reguera workout routine

Ana has been a part of the profession for a long time and has played a variety of memorable characters. Now, to be able to work in this sector, she must maintain a physical condition that allows her to be ready to play any character at any time. So how does Ana keep her body in shape and what are her exercise routines?

Well, I did discover a few interviews where Ana mentioned her training, but they’re all so old I’m not sure if she still does. Ana, for example, told Shape that she plays tennis and does strength training, which includes a lot of squats and walks. So after checking out her Instagram account to see some recent routines. I found some things that Ana might be doing as part of her daily routine.

As you can see, he still works out with weights and does a lot of squats. Then there is yoga, which she demonstrates in this article, so these are the two main activities that Ana participates in. There were also additional things that she did to train her body, such as bodyweight and free body exercises. . So given all the information I got from her Instagram, I guess we can do something with her habit.

We will exercise and train our body six days a week and stay as active as possible. The training will not be difficult, but it will be constant, and only then will you notice positive results. This program should not take more than one hour and 30 minutes, or two hours at the most.

Ana De La Reguera’s workouts include:

Cardio/Warm up
We will start with 10 minutes of cardio and then continue with 20 minutes. Running on a hill or on an incline treadmill will be our cardio. You can also perform high tension water rowing or horseback riding. The goal is to get your blood pumping while getting a good aerobic workout.

Stretching will help open up areas of tension in your body, and exercise will get the blood flowing. Both are crucial to your training and should not be overlooked.

Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday are the training days.

The next step will be a three-day yoga or pilates workout. Both workouts will give you a flexible physique with toned muscles and a slim waist with curved butt, so you can do them every other day if you like. You can also sign up for a group class for more support and inspiration.

Monday, Wednesday and Friday are the training days.

The final activity will be a combination of weight training that includes circuit training with three rounds of four exercises and four sets per exercise. Make sure you don’t miss any of the days because we will be working on your whole body.

Rounds: 3

Circuits: 4

Exercises in the circuit: 4

Repetitions per exercise: 20

Rest time between exercises: 10 seconds

Rest time after each circuit: one minute


-Legs raised
-russian roulette
-Plank fastening

-weighted squats
-Dumbbell jump squats
-Lunges with dumbbells
-Leg Extension

-Split squats
-Gluteus thruster
-chest press
-Dumbbell Press


-Crunch with the toes
-Bike crunches
-tornado of planks
-Plank scope

-bulgarian squats
-Hack squats
-leg curls
-deep squats

-Single leg push down
-Hip abduction
-Shoulder hold
-He shrugs

-Hanging leg raises
-Incline sit-ups
-Side plank to a crunch
-Walks on planks
– smith machine squats
-bowing lunges
-Gluteal kickbacks
-Gluteal thrusters
-Ankle weighted donkey kickbacks
-dorsal pushdowns
-Bicep Curl
-Triceps kickbacks

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The incredible amount of chicken that Ana De La Reguera eats to maintain her figure

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