‘The last days of Ptolemy Grey’: Samuel L. Jackson against dementia.

[Estreno en Apple TV+ 11 de marzo]

The miniseries ‘The Last Days of Ptolemy Grey’ is a drama about senile dementia, a disease that Jackson suffered closely.

Attention Samuel L. Jackson fans! The iconic actor embarks on his first leading role for the small screen in the new Apple TV + series.

By now, it is well known that Samuel L. Jackson is one of the most famous actors in the world stardom hollywoodian. And deservedly; the actor’s career is no nonsense. He has worked with many of the most famous directors of our time, and has one of the most prolific filmographies in the business. When he shouldn’t have anything left to do, Jackson decides to go to television with his first leading role in The last days of Ptolemy Grey.

The series is a adaptation of the novel of the same title by Walter Mosleywho also signs the script. The last days of Ptolemy Gray will premiere in Apple TV + this Friday, March 11 with the first two episodes, followed by a new weekly episode every Friday.

This series tells the story of Ptolemy, a sick man forgotten by his family, by his friends and even by himself. Just as he is left without his trusted caretaker and on the brink of sinking further into a solitary dementiais assigned to care for the orphaned teenager Robyn (Dominic Fishback). When they both find out about a treatment that can temporarily restore lost memories due to illness, Ptolemy will begin a journey towards the most shocking truths about his past, present and future.

In SERIELIZADOS we already highlighted in our selection of series for March the premiere of The last days of Ptolemy Gray, since it seems to us one of the most interesting bets on the platform this month. A few days after its premiere, we tell you everything that Samuel L. Jackson himself has explained about the series.

“‘Ptolemy Grey’ has been consuming me for 12 years, it’s a dream come true” (L. Jackson)

«This has been a project that has been consuming me for 10 to 12 yearsand I’ve been chasing it and presenting it in different places trying to make itJackson told the audience inside the Regency Bruin Theater at the show’s launch. «I fought for it not to be an hour and a half or two hour movie; you can’t tell this story in that time. But getting here is incredible. They say that Hollywood is a place of dreams and this is a dream come true«.

The series connects in a very personal way with Jackson himself, who made reference to her late mother’s struggle with the disease: «If you have had this disease, like me, I know that sometimes it will be a bit complicated“, he admitted. «But if you stay with her [la serie]You’ll take a wonderful walk, through a man who lived a good life«.

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Samuel L. Jackson as Ptolemy Gray

Although the novel has moments of darkness and talks about issues that should not be taken lightly, the atmosphere in the presentation of the series was happy and relaxed. This was surely due to the pride that the whole team felt when they were finally able to see the culmination and the fruits of a project they had been working on for so many years and that they had seen being born.

Jackson commented that regardless of the viewers’ relationship with the disease, the series shines a light on it, and he sees the love behind the project as something that goes beyond the screen.

“I want African Americans to see that their stories can be told” (L. Jackson)

«I just hope people can look at this and say, ‘I know these people. That they saw something that is familiar to them. understand family dynamics“, he explained and added that, for the African-American public in particular, “I want them to see that their stories can be told; that things that are familiar to us are entertaining. People tell you they’re not, but they are«.

The most important message that Jackson wanted to send with the series was the idea of treat those around us with compassion. Do not forget those who little by little disappear from our lives, and remember that the important thing is to love and care for our elders in the same way that they loved us when they were here.

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Ptolemy Gray (Samuel L. Jackson) and Robyn (Dominique Fishback)

In the midst of Jackson’s illustrious career, The last days of Ptolemy Gray sets a precedent being one of his first regular roles in a series.

In the series Samuel L. Jackson is accompanied by Walton Goggins (Vice Principals), Dominic Fishback (Judas and the black messiah), Cynthia Kaye McWilliams (Coyote), Damon Gupton (black lightning) Y Marsha Stephanie Blake (this is how they see us).

Soon we will see him again playing his role as Nick Fury in the marvels and on his own Disney+ show, Secret Invasion.

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‘The last days of Ptolemy Grey’: Samuel L. Jackson against dementia.

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