The most successful prison breaks in history, told by Morgan Freeman

Starting Sunday, April 10 at 9:50 p.m. in Colombia, people will be able to see the most shocking prison escape stories in history on the History channel in the new series Great Escapes with Morgan Freeman.

During eight chapters, viewers will be able to get a different look at the most relentless prison escapes in history. The main stories tell about how the prisoners resort to extremes to obtain their freedom. Cases explored include, but are not limited to, the death-defying escape from Alcatraz, how two neighboring cellmates escaped from the Dannemora prison fortress, as well as the likes of drug lord El Chapo and the Pittsburgh Six. of Pittsburgh), who dug their way to freedom.

The series was produced by James Younger and Geoffrey Sharp. It is directed by Oscar winner Morgan Freeman (Best Supporting Actor: million dollar Baby2005), actor recognized for his career and his participation in popular productions such as God’s story. “We show you how they did it. We will give you the step by step, the details of what they did from almost moment to moment, day to day, week to week, month to month, year to year. Breaking out of a maximum security prison is probably one of the boldest attempts humans can afford. And the amount of ingenuity, the amount of courage, the amount of perseverance, of sticking to an activity that it takes to do something like thatIt’s probably one of the most fascinating things in human nature to be locked up in prison.”

The first episode of this series that History will broadcast in Latin America opens the curtain with a character who is an expert in prison escapes: Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzmán. – Photo: Courtesy Lifetime

The first chapter of great escapes Its protagonist is the Mexican drug trafficker, who was the leader of the Sinaloa Cartel: El Chapo Guzmán. This guy has made headlines for his successful escapes from two maximum security prisons. His first escape, in 2001, was from the high-security prison of Puente Grande (Jalisco, Mexico), where he escaped hidden in a small laundry wagon. The second and most shocking, in 2015, of the maximum security prison in El Altiplano (Mexico), through a tunnel of more than 500 meters, which was carried out for 6 months.

Great Escapes with Morgan Freeman tells the stories through fictional recreations. There are also interviews with some of the prisoners, their families, cellmates, prison guards and employees who tried to prevent the escapes.

Each episode is the result of an investigation team, based especially on official documents, where the authorities report how the escape happened and what are the reasons why the prisoner was able to escape. “The investigation also involves talking with guards, with other prisoners and in a few cases also with people who participated in the escape itself. For example, in the Maze case and the Pennsylvania Western Penitentiary story. So it’s research and access to people who know,” says James Younger, producer.

This non-fiction series does not have the purpose of instructing on how to escape from penitentiary prisons, but to tell the stories behind some protagonists. Faced with this possible concern of some, Morgan Freeman specifies: “No, I don’t think you can teach anyone how to get out of prison by showing them. Because one of the things that I think is clear is that it is not something that anyone can do. There aren’t that many people with the audacity, or the intelligence, or the wit. I for example. Put me in a situation like that and that’s it. That’s where I’m going to stay. I would never dream of trying to do that.”

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The most successful prison breaks in history, told by Morgan Freeman

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