The Silver Economy Awards will offer one of the “most substantial” prizes for scientific research in Spain

The Silver Economy International Congress in Zamora announces its fourth call for awards, at the event that will take place from November 24 to 26. Some awards sponsored by Caja Rural de Zamora, which increase their amount significantly in this fourth edition, “to the point of typifying itself as one of the most substantial calls in the field of research and scientific promotion in Spain”, as detailed the president of the Provincial Council Francisco Requejo.

These awards seek to enhance the merit of researchers and businessmen, betting on talent, as well as promoting scientific culture in the field of the Silver Economy. Requejo also indicated that these awards respond “to the Europeanist and international character” of the Silver Congress itself. And he has argued that its expansion “will help to focus Zamora as an important world benchmark in the field of research and innovation in the care economy”.

The awarding of the IV Silver Economy International Congress Awards will be carried out guaranteeing the principles of transparency, objectivity, equality and non-discrimination, as well as those of effectiveness in meeting the objectives set, and efficiency in the allocation and use of resources. .

For this, the double-blind methodology has been introduced which, through a computer application, will codify the summaries of the works received, in which no reference to the author should appear, for subsequent evaluation. Thus, the Evaluation Committee will not know the identity of the participants.

Regarding the composition of the Jury, it will be made up of a committee of prominent personalities in the field of health, education, and research related to the Silver Economy, as well as a president and a secretary.

Four prizes are contemplated, according to the following modalities:
– Best Communication of the Congress 5000 euros
– Best Good Practices 2000 euros
– Best Poster 1000 euros

There is also an additional fourth prize, sponsored by the Chamber of Castelo Branco (Portugal), in which the best senior tourism practice will be recognized and will consist of a Trip to Castelo Branco (Portugal) for two nights in a hotel with half board. The deadline for submitting papers, through the electronic address provided on the Congress page, will end on November 15.

Francisco Requejo wanted to recall that the Silver Economy is “already one of the hallmarks of this province, making Zamora a benchmark at European level”. For this reason, he believes that these awards will contribute to visualizing the province as an “incubator” of promotion and world knowledge in the field of the Silver Economy. So he encouraged researchers, entrepreneurs and professionals with capacity “to present their work, and contribute all their knowledge in favor of our society”.

“The sum of all the projects will make Zamora prosper”

For his part, the general director of Caja Rural de Zamora, Cipriano García, has justified the economic contribution of the entity to these awards as “a continuous predisposition that any development movement has the support of the Zamora savings bank par excellence”. The director of the entity of the spike has recalled other projects such as Fromago, of which he believes that Caja Rural de Zamora should “count on the support” of the entity.

Regarding the Silver Economy, Cipriano García believes that its development is “important for a province like this.” The general director of the Savings Bank hopes that it will be an initiative that will be consolidated and “has more and more depth” in the impulse of Zamora.

And he ended his speech by recalling that “the sum of all the projects that are being launched will be the ones that will make Zamora prosper, because we have a province that is at least as capable of doing things as the others.”

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The Silver Economy Awards will offer one of the “most substantial” prizes for scientific research in Spain

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