The story of Clint Eastwood’s secret daughter, who turns 91

Eastwood’s intense love and sex life, which includes two marriages and multiple serious and casual romances, has been the subject of revealing reporting, but There has always been a chapter from the time when he was an unknown that has not been clarified.

For a long time, it was whispered in Hollywood about the strange circumstances in which he would have conceived a child with a stranger, when he was in his twenties. The child, it was said, was given up for adoption by his mother, whom the actor never saw again.

The story turned out to be true and the lost daughter, Laurie Murray, was photographed in public for the first time with the actor, during the debut of his film. The Mulein 2018, which was seen as a public acknowledgment that he is her father.

The episode seems taken from the script of a film, commented the English chronicler Louise Boyle. In 1952, Eastwood was struggling to make his way into the movies with difficulty. He went from audition to audition, but he did not convince any director and only got insignificant roles.

Around the same time he was engaged to Maggie Johnson, his first wife, but was also in a romantic relationship with a woman from Seattle, whose name remains a mystery.

When the affair ended, she found out she was pregnant and didn’t tell Clint, instead giving Laurie up for adoption.

A friend of Laurie’s told the Daily Mail, a tabloid that had the scoop at the time, that his upbringing “was not the best, without privileges.” Meanwhile, Clint remained unaware of his existence and established himself as one of the best actors and directors of the seventh art.

In the 1980s, Laurie became obsessed with finding her biological parents and hired a private investigator.

The investigations paid off and when the detective showed her his birth certificate, she was shocked to discover that her mother wrote down the name of Clint Eastwood in the father’s box.

The first thing he did was contact his mother, who told him that she was not interested in having any relationship with her.

The Daily Mail He assures that it is not clear how he came to Eastwood, but the truth is that his attitude was very different from that of his mother.

“Clint was extremely responsive to Laurie and the situation,” the insider told him. Mailwhich also revealed that from that moment he cultivated a very close relationship with his daughter, who inherited his athletic spirit and golf skills.

The source reported that the protagonist of Dirty Harry he usually spends holidays like Thanksgiving with her or goes on vacations.

At the premiere of The MuleIn Los Angeles, Laurie posed with Clint’s seven other children, from five different mothers.

The most famous of all is actor Scott Eastwood, with whom he appears in this post on his Instagram page:

When asked by reporters for her name, she replied: Laurie Eastwood. In fact, she continued Mailshe also gets along very well with her brothers and with Dina Ruiz, her father’s second ex-wife.

There is no shortage of those who maliciously think that she approached Eastwood for the money. Known is that, in addition to being a star in Hollywood, he has built a fortune of 375 million dollars, according to

But the witness Mail he dismisses it outright. “Laurie and her family are rich in their own right, so that’s not the case.”

Indeed, after studying at the University of Washington and working as a teacher, she married Lowell Thomas Murray III, from a patrician family in the wealthy town of Lakewood, Washington.

There, he heads the century-old and successful investment firm Murray Pacific.

That affords the Murrays luxuries like a town mansion and another home at The Hideaway Golf Club in California, where Clint is often invited, as well as at the Tacoma Country & Golf Club in Washington or their vacation retreat. Vacation in Maui, Hawaii.

Clint, meanwhile, is a royal grandfather to Laurie’s children.

The wedding of one of them, Kelsey, was in Mission, his estate in California, while that of his brother, Lowell Thomas IV, known as LT, took place at the Tehama Golf Club, in Carmel, California, in the which the actor also owns.

LT, whom many find very much like his grandfather and uncle Scott Eastwood, has aspirations as a model and actor.

He was the only member of the family who spoke to the Mail, albeit briefly, on Eastwood: “All I can say is that he has been a great father to my mother. He is great with me and my family whenever we see each other.”

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The story of Clint Eastwood’s secret daughter, who turns 91

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