The Walking Dead: Actor Jeffrey Dean Morgan upset by the news of his spin-off

Actor Jeffrey Dean Morgan has finally revealed his anger at what The Walking Dead series producers and publicists have done, after the announcement of his spin-off with actress Lauren Cohan was revealed.

The Walking Dead is preparing the last details of the premiere of the third and last part of its 11th season, with which the program will definitively close. However, the universe does not stop there, since the television AMC has announced that there are several spin-off projects on the way about its most emblematic characters. Although the news surprised many of the fans, the actor Jeffrey Dean Morgan seems to have made him upset a bit, after the huge spoiler that was revealed to the entire world.

The Walking Dead: Jeffrey Dean Morgan wanted to keep the spin-off a secret

According to the information that has been revealed, the bloody legacy of Jeffrey Dean Morgan as the remorseful villain Negan will continue beyond the end of the main series, with a spin-off set in New York City, now titled The Walking Dead: Dead City. While it was welcome that the star and his colleague Lauren Cohan (Maggie Rhee) were to carry the limited series torch, the timing of the announcement didn’t seem ideal at the time, and Morgan shared some less than approving thoughts on how AMC he could have interrupted that deployment and kept it a secret.

Fans learned that Negan and Maggie would be appearing in a sequel to the project, then called Island of the Dead, in March, before the eight-episode season 11 finale. In a way, this decision removed any reason to worry about the fate of the two characters for the rest of the final installment, and Jeffrey Dean Morgan said in an interview with EW that he doesn’t think the decision was the right one, admitting that it was far from his decision.

“It’s not what we should have done. But we decided that this is how we were going to play. And who knows? Maybe we can’t keep it a secret. But I feel like we could have tried. I would have tried to do it another way, but it doesn’t seem like could be done”.

The news of the spin-off for Negan and Maggie caused all kinds of reactions among fans of the series The Walking Dead and the stars that would star in them. Because it was practically revealed that absolutely nothing was going to happen to them in the final moments of season 11, a spoiler sadly confirmed by AMC itself. At first, many thought that Negan was going to die trying to defend Maggie and her child against the Commonwealth, but now it is known that nothing will happen to them.

The Walking Dead: Jeffrey Dean Morgan was waiting for the end of season 11 to announce his spin-off

Interestingly, it was not even someone from the leadership of The Walking Dead who decided when to break the news of a spin-off series. The director himself, master of VFX and executive producer, Greg Nicotero, was surprised to learn of this announcement so soon, so he also expressed some opinions about it:

“We were a little bit surprised. Because we thought it might mean some of the characters would still be alive, and it was a little less risky. I think even Geoffrey said to himself, ‘Oh well, I guess the cat is out of the bag. And we don’t have to worry about what happens to Nygan or Maggie because they’ve already announced the spin-off.’”

On the other hand, the same has happened with the characters of Norman Reedus Y Melissa McBride, after it was confirmed that both would receive a spin-off and that it would be located in Europe. Although McBride after confirming her participation, he ended up rejecting the proposal because he would not have time to participate in the filming, since it would take place on the other continent. Unfortunately, AMC also confirmed that nothing would happen to them in the season 11 finale of The Walking Dead.

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The Walking Dead: Actor Jeffrey Dean Morgan upset by the news of his spin-off

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