They announce the cast of Luis Miguel La Serie, third part; Miguel Rodarte from Culiacan will act in this last installment

Luis Miguel’s series has conquered the public since the first season, with various stories that describe a little about the complicated life of the Sun of Mexico.

Luis Miguel has always tried to stay away from the public eye, but a couple of years ago the singer and actor made a contract with the Netflix company to make his biographical series that would tell his fans how his life has been over the years. years, before and after being the successful artist.

After two seasons, this Thursday Diego Boneta, the protagonist of both productions, shared on Instagram part of the cast that will make up the third and final part of the series, leading actors such as Miguel Rodarte from Sinaloa and Plutarco Haza from Sonora.

The actor from Culiacan will play the role of Daniel and Plutarco Haza with the character of Humberto, although what each interpretation consists of has not yet been defined, it transpired that both will be at the beginning of the story of Luis Miguel as an adult.

Through his Instagram account, Diego Boneta published the first promotional image and the names that return to complete the biographical history of the “Sol de México”.

He shared that he will also be accompanied by Jade Ewen as Mariah Carey; Alejandra Ambrosi as Karla, Mauricio Abad as adult Sergio.

In addition, other artists such as Humberto, Sebastián Zurita as adult Alex Basteri, Carlos Ponce as Miguel and Antonio Mauri as Julián, who had already given a sample of his participation in the previous season, will be included.

According to information from the magazine Who and that was provided by Netflix, the series will continue with the mechanics in two timelines, so the story that they had already marked about the relationship between the actors Fernado Guallar and Macarena Achaga, as well as a more adult stage of Luis Miguel, where he faces various conflicts with his family, work team and sentimental ones.

The participation of Diego Boneta, Juan Pablo Zurita, César Santana, Gabriel Nuncio, Macarena Achaga, Fernando Guallar, Pablo Cruz Guerrero, Juan Ignacio Cane, Teresa Ruiz and Axel Llunas continues to be guaranteed. Also included is Antonio Mauri, son of Toño Mauri and Carla Alemán.

Mauri’s son appeared in chapter five in season two, where he appeared with a special participation next to the controversial character of Patricio Robles, the controversial representative who appeared to help Luis Miguel and got, according to the Netflix production, one of the most iconic songs of the singer Until you forget me.

This new season marks the end of Luis Miguel La Serie and will address more specific topics in the history of the famous singer, such as the love story with singer Mariah Carey; the family relationship between “El Sol” and his younger brothers, Álex and Sergio; as well as the relationship between Luis Miguel and his daughter and the conclusion of his friendship with Alejandro Asensi.

The direction of this production is in charge of Humberto Hinojosa and the scripts are in charge of Daniel Krauze, Anton de Goenechea, Karin Valecillos and Larissa Andrade.

Executive production is by Mark Burnett, Carla González Vargas, Pablo Cruz, Diego Boneta, Miguel Alemán, Luis Miguel Gallego and Carolina Leconte.

the second season

For the premiere of the second season of Luis Miguel La Serie, the Infobae page published a special with part of the cast and many expressed their interest in this project.

For Diego Boneta, the season meant a great acting challenge and it was that he was required to bring the singer to life both in 1992 and in 2005.

“It was to create two different characters, because it is Luis Miguel in a past time and another in the present time. For me it was super important that he felt like two different characters with a different body, with a different voice, because you see how he changes and throughout the season see how the young man becomes the adult, so that was the greatest challenge, it was a much greater acting challenge than that of the first season, especially because on a practical level I do have to leave both characters, ”he commented in the interview.

Macarena Achaga, for her part, impregnated Luis Miguel’s daughter with her own stamp and even assured that it was built through “Macarena’s lenses”, which gave the character the character “of a woman in training” that promotes the relationship with his dad and not with a pop star.

Will Aracely Arámbula be there?

According to the Milenio newspaper, after Netflix announced the actors who will join this latest installment on the singer’s life, the question that arose again was whether Aracely Arámbula will be in this season.

What is known is that the love story between the actress and the singer will not be told in this last installment, because before and during the second season, the famous one filed a legal process so that the producers of the series could not use their name, history, as well as that of their children.

In January of this year, in an interview with the Ventaneando program, the lawyer Guillermo Pous, who represents Aracely Arámbula, mentioned that the actress had set some conditions so that they could use her image.

The lawyer indicated that the production approached Aracely Arámbula to ask if she could appear in the series, however, she refused.

“They met on one occasion with Mrs. Arámbula and the position of the lady was very clear, in no way did she want or that there was a reference in the series and it was later that she asked me to interfere and I had some talks with the producer”, William Pous said.

Later, in the face of speculation about whether there would be an arrangement between the celebrities to tell their story, in April 2021, La Chule broke the silence and revealed that the Netflix production will not be able to mention it in the second, third or fourth season, since managed to take care of his image.

She revealed that since the beginning of the series she asked not to use her image for any reason, so to make it clearer she released a statement: “As was commented from the beginning and by my management, as well as my legal representative, never I had the intention of authorizing the use and exploitation of my image as part of the biographical, real and/or fictional narrative in the Luis Miguel series. My position was clear and forceful in asserting a right that exclusively corresponds to me and I defended it firmly, ”she reads in the statement.

In this sense, Aracely Arámbula revealed that she has the right to keep her life private, since it is something that is not the responsibility of third parties.

“With more than two decades of professional experience, taking care of my image has not been an easy task and this should be a support and encouragement for our entire union, since we live from what we forge as a result of our work,” he revealed.

Aracely Arámbula recommended her colleagues in the art world to set limits on their private life, as it is a right.

“I invite you to assert your rights, defend them and stop thinking that there are things that cannot be achieved no matter how great the challenge may seem,” he assured.

Luis Miguel’s ex-partner commented that the fact of having meant something in a person’s life does not entitle him to profit from it. In addition, she said that she will be the one to tell the story of him.

“Being a protagonist in someone’s life does not mean being a protagonist in their business. I have started the project of writing my memoirs, where with prudence and discretion my personal life has been involved in its transition to the professional one and reaching the moment of becoming a mother, being that in this way they will be able to know the most important stages; the reality told from the source and not by third parties unrelated to it, nor in a partial or biased way, ”concluded Aracely Arámbula in his statement.

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They announce the cast of Luis Miguel La Serie, third part; Miguel Rodarte from Culiacan will act in this last installment

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