They reveal in a book the complex life of the daughter of James Joyce, author of “Ulysses”

the mexican writer Sofia G. Buzali has published several novels that deal with the lives of women trapped in the spirals of creation: “Leonora before Leonora” (2012)—based on the life of painter Leonora Carrington. Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz International Literature Contest Award—and “Marguerite, intensity and pain of a life” (2014), based on episodes of the existence of the French writer Marguerite Duras.

Following the route of her interest in exploring chapters of female figures that have been related to art and literature, she reveals “My name is Lucia Joyce” (Editorial Dos Líneas, 2021): representation of the desolate incidents of the daughter of the author of the famous novel “Ulysses”. Affected by schizophrenia, Lucia was admitted to a psychiatric hospital at 22 years of age: she was there for three decades in total oblivion and oblivious to the literary successes of her famous father.

“I studied a seminar on ‘Ulysses’: I delved into the elements of that emblematic and revolutionary novel. I investigated the life of the Irish writer, I discovered that he had had a daughter, Lucia, about whom little was known. I was unsettled by that ‘Joyce Sr.’ detail and dove into careful research. I read the biographies of the family, I traveled to Dublin, Ireland, to investigate closely the facts. That’s where the idea of ​​writing this book about Lucia Joyce was born”, he commented to The reason Sofia G. Buzali.

“My name is Lucia Joyce”

  • Author: Sofia G. Buzali
  • Genre: Novel
  • Publisher: Two Lines, 2021

Travel and research catalysts for writing? I got soaked in many things. Lucia was a professional dancer, she spent 30 years in a hospice for the mentally ill, totally abandoned by her famous father. And worst of all, Stephen Joyce, legatee of the author, decided to suppress, in complicity with Beckett, this woman from any reference to the famous narrator. That, of course, exacerbated the desire to write about her.

Lucia Joyce, an awkward daughter? She was a woman ahead of her time, she wanted to live alone, an act frowned upon at the time of the 1930s. Forgotten and recriminated by the Joyce family: all correspondence with her father was burned by the author’s executor.

Did you know the novel “Joyce’s Daughter”, by Annabel Abbs, published in 2017? Actually, what I read was the only extant biography of Lucia, written by Carol Loeb Schloss, an academic at Stanford University. I didn’t want to read anything else.

Who was Lucia Joyce really? She was not only the daughter of the famous author: she was a restless, educated girl, knowledgeable about the theater; she spoke, in addition to English, German and French. She wrote a novel. She is a dissident woman limited by her own family, which prevents her professional development as a dancer: they forbid her to continue dancing, they accuse her that she was very provocative due to the sensuality of her body.

Are you interested in the life of rebellious women who go against the schemes? I have addressed the life of Leonora Carrington and Marguerite Duras and now Lucia Joyce. Three women with the quality of autonomy and fend for themselves: determining factor in the struggle for equality of current feminism.


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They reveal in a book the complex life of the daughter of James Joyce, author of “Ulysses”

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