This is how Fernando Casanova responds to those who threaten and insult him

The former Pentecostal Protestant pastor converted to Catholicism, Dr. Fernando Casanova, responded with words of mercy to those who systematically threaten and insult him through different digital media and even personally.

“May our Lord God bless and protect you, grant you health and prosper all aspects of your life. I implore the Lord to give you his peace and never lack his grace to do his will. May you be very happy. May you never lack God’s provision, both in spiritual and material things. May the good Lord always enlighten your mind to show you his path in your life, and may you be the same “, was his response through Facebook early july.

To date Fernando Casanova has not only received attacks from members of Protestant churches that were formed in a “rabidly anti-Catholic” way, but also from free thinkers, disaffiliated and even several Catholics who have branded him a “conservative fanatic”, “liberal apostate” and for not promoting or accepting a new “revelation.”

In statements to ACI Prensa, the renowned international speaker, doctor of theology and host of the EWTN series “Defend your Faith” and “I’m at home”, indicated that the attacks come mainly “by email and through social networks like Facebook and Twitter”.

“In these networks they range from aggressive challenges to debate, to insults and warnings of misfortunes and divine judgments. The truth is uncomfortable; I am sorry that the brothers who do me the favor of sharing and visiting my networks have to go through this, ”she asserted.

He also added that there are people who produce videos on YouTube to attack him “on a personal level, with lies and demagoguery,” and edit other videos to take him “out of context and distort the Catholic faith with a gross lack of intellectual honesty.”

He also recalled that at evangelization events, sometimes they interrupt his lectures and sermons “to shout”, “launch challenges” or confront him during breaks when he attends to the faithful.

“On one occasion in New York the organizers had to take me out through a back door because an individual threatened to physically attack me,” he lamented.

Regarding those who attacked, he indicated that the majority “come from churches that we could call fundamentalists, millenarians, and from sects that have been formed with apocalyptic messianisms, that suspect plots and have fatalistic doctrines.”

Fernando added, that perhaps the most surprising thing, “is that some of the attackers identify themselves as Catholics.”

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Regarding his response issued on July 7 through Facebook, the former pastor stated that he simply “had to do it.”

“That’s what I feel. I was honest and I stand by what I expressed,” she said.

In his experience, after 13 years of ministry, Dr. Casanova indicated that he has learned that most of the attacks received “are the product of prejudice”.

“What they have against us is not biblical texts, but rancor. And hence the false premises, the unfair generalizations, and the disrespect. These poor people have been victims of poor religious formation, indoctrination of certain ideologies whose interest is not clearly theological or of Christian faith, and that resort to demagoguery as pretexts to placate the most powerful moral institution in the world, the Catholic Church. he added.

In that sense, he pointed out that God allowed him “see these people as victims, people who need respectful guidance, people who, if they allow us, must be attended to from the theological virtues of Faith, Hope, and Charity. People who must be attended to with the illumination and power of the 7 gifts of the Holy Spirit”.

On the other hand, he asserted that another important point is “to accept that we have not always been the best exponents of the Christian faith, nor the best Catholics,” despite the fact that “we have been given to be part of the body of Christ that subsists in a very special in the Catholic Church.

Later, after recalling the words of Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI, the theologian said that the enemies and attacks on the Church “are not those that come from outside”, but “the sins of us, its members”.

“Let us expose our doctrine, let us practice the holy sacraments, let us evangelize and give our reasons, while we sanctify ourselves. I propose and defend the Catholic faith and our Church, not only so that Catholics know more and non-Catholics are persuaded; I want that, but much more than that: I want our message to culminate in conversion and change of life, in commitment, fidelity and holiness for the glory of God”, assured Dr. Casanova.

Finally, he commented that after having a moment of prayer while reflecting on this topic, he realized “more than ever” that his fight is not against those who attack him.

“It’s not about my fight either. It is about Jesus Christ and his Church on the one hand, and on the other, according to Ephesians 6:12, “the powers and authorities that run this world and the dark forces, the evil spirits and forces in the air’”.

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This is how Fernando Casanova responds to those who threaten and insult him

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