Time alters cruise routes but the Silver Cloud does not give up Vigo

The bad weather forecasts in the Atlantic for these days, have revolutionized the agenda of the cruise ships that planned to arrive in Vigo in the short term. The most affected has been the German super sailboat Sea Cloud Spirit, whose anchorage in Cíes scheduled for tomorrow, Monday, has been cancelled, so that the ship, which is making a tour of the French and Cantabrian Atlantic coast, will sail directly from A Coruña to Leixoes and Lisbon, where it will make the trip. According to information from the Pérez y Cía. agency, the expected bad state of the sea in the Cíes Islands made it dangerous for the passengers to disembark on the boats that were going to transfer them to the archipelago.

On the other handthe expedition cruise silver cloudwhich was scheduled to coincide in Cíes with the German sailboat, moved up its stopover in Vigo one day looking for berth in the early afternoon of today at the dock of the maritime station after also canceling the anchorage in the archipelago for the same reason as the German sailboat. aboard the silver cloud 204 passengers of numerous nationalities travel, attended by 222 crew members, who planned to spend the night in the city and head to Leixoes tonight, according to data provided by Marítima Consiflet. This small, ultra-luxury expedition cruise, in which passengers have the individual assistance of a butler and in which 85% of its cabins are suites with balconies, arrived in Vigo as part of an eleven-night journey between Dublin and Lisbon. The one that did adjust to the forecasts was the British Arcadiawhich shared berth for a few hours with the silver cloud during yesterday. aboard the Arcadia 1,629 British cruise passengers and 798 crew members travel, who make a one-week journey from Southampton that completes with berths in Guernsey, Leixoes and Lisbon.

As usual, with the first month of autumn the high season of this port traffic returns to Vigo, to the point that during the last four months of the year almost half of the stopovers of the entire season are concentrated. Always with the permission of the weather, it is expected that there will be 15 passenger ships that visit us this month, after several cancellations both due to the bad state of the sea and due to the cancellation of several departures of small expedition cruises, due to low demand. . All in all, animation in the port environment is more than assured, since the calendar includes two double stopovers by Celebrity Silhouette Y Fortune Coast on the 16th, and Azamara Pursuitat its premiere in Vigo, and Celebrity Silhouettewhich will coincide on the 21st. The gigantic Anthem of the Seas (days 13 and 25) and iona (27th), accompanied by the also megacruises Coast Headbandfor the first time in Vigo, on the 15th, and Fortune7. The list is completed MSC Magnificatomorrow, Tuesday; Jewel of the SeasThe 12; Disney Magicthe 22 and Artaniaon the 24th. Taking into account current occupancy levels, it is estimated that these stopovers bring some 35,000 passengers to the city.

Making use of the schedules for 2023 finalized by the operators in the sector, it can be said that the port of Vigo will be very close to recovering the hundred berthsreturning to the records of a decade ago despite the fact that one more year it will continue to be far from the numbers of its great rivals, which due to proximity are the ports of A Coruña and Leixoes, in which it is expected to exceed 120 and 140 calls respectively .

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Time alters cruise routes but the Silver Cloud does not give up Vigo

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