Tom Hanks and his intimidating experience with Clint Eastwood on a shoot: “He treated us like horses”

Tom Hanks and his intimidating experience with Clint Eastwood on a set: “He treated us like horses” – Credits: @Grosby Group

In full promotional tour of the film Elvis, Tom Hanks reviews his experiences in relation to some of the main stories he brought to life on the big screen. Without losing his humor, the actor tells how they sometimes address him on the street, replicating the names of his characters, and has referred to some of his experiences on film sets.

The acclaimed 65-year-old interpreter recounts what it has been like to participate in productions such as apollo 13, Story of a castawaythe imminent biopic about the king of rock or Sully: Feat on the Hudson. Regarding this latest production, directed by Clint Eastwood, Hanks revealed some time ago that it was not easy to work under the orders of the actor from the good, the bad and the ugly.

The Oscar winner said that he experienced some pressure during filming in front of his colleague, a situation that even led him not to look the director directly in the eye for a long time. “That’s not something you want to experience,” he noted with humor, clarifying that he likes Eastwood, but qualifying that it is “intimidating” when the filmmaker observes those he directs under his characteristic narrowed gaze.

Eastwood, who recently turned 92, continues to direct movies in Hollywood. “What is it like working with Clint? He treated us like horses,” Hanks said on the show. Jimmy Kimmel Live about his experience filming the fictionalized story of the 2009 Hudson River plane crash, in which the pilot saved the lives of all 155 people on board.

“When he comes on set, you just want to please him and not look him in the eye for too long,” Hanks noted. The actor further explained that while some movies are filmed in a riotous climate, this is not the case with Eastwood-led projects. “On the set they say: ‘Action! Get ready everybody, we’re rolling, we’re rolling, we’re rolling, get ready! Action’. That’s how most movies are.” However, he recounted that the actor-director silently raised his finger in a circle during filming to indicate “shooting” in a quiet environment.

Clint Eastwood's Sully

Tom Hanks scene in Sully: Feat on the Hudson, the film directed by Clint Eastwood

Tom Hanks scene in Sully: Feat on the Hudson, the film directed by Clint Eastwood

“When you’re in a Clint Eastwood movie you don’t even know the camera is rolling. You only hear over your shoulder: ‘it’s okay, go ahead…’”, recounted the actor. “Sometimes you like what you’re doing and you keep doing it, until you hear him say, ‘enough is enough.’ And that’s it. After that, turn the page and go to the next scene. It’s intimidating,” Hanks said.

the star of Forrest Gump It was also in the news in recent days for noticeable changes in your physical appearance. In some of the presentations of the film, he is seen as aged and with an image that worries his fans. At the premiere of the biopic in Australia on June 4, in the city of Gold Coast -where the filming took place-, the actor could be seen speaking and holding the microphone with both hands to try to stop a tremor. As his right hand moves, Hanks tries to control the situation by placing his left hand on the underside of the microphone to switch hands. Despite the speculation regarding his health, it is not ruled out that his current physical appearance is due to some diet to adapt his figure to an upcoming professional project. It would not be the first time that the actor is forced to lose weight to play a role, as he did in Castaway. However, at the moment the reason for his apparent deterioration has not transpired.

These days, Hanks also made headlines again by explode with rage when fans tried to surround his wife, Rita Wilson, until almost knocking her down in the middle of the desire to meet her and take some photos with her. The unusual moment occurred on Wednesday night when they were leaving a restaurant in New York and heading to the car. Known for her kindness, the movie star lost her composure when he yelled, “What the… are they doing!?”, as stated TMZ. Initially, some fans approached the marriage with cheers and with cell phones in hand to record the moment, but in a matter of seconds they became a swarm. Although the marriage tried to walk faster to be able to mark distance, there was no way and one of the followers almost knocked Wilson to the ground. Immediately, Rita screamed and Tom turned to look for her with her eyes and came to her rescue. The actor then put his hand on the fan to stop him from moving forward and visibly angrily yelled, “This is my wife! Back off!” as reviewed Page Six. The unheard-of episode lasted no more than a minute, as recorded in the video that went viral on social networks.

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Tom Hanks and his intimidating experience with Clint Eastwood on a shoot: “He treated us like horses”

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