Top 10 Samuel L. Jackson Characters

If you need a tough guy on screen, Samuel L Jackson is the actor you should call. either like him director of S.H.I.E.L.D. or as a hateful slavethis actor has surprised us with his charisma, humor and talent, which have made him stand out above the protagonists of his films.

from college, Samuel L Jackson he had already become interested in acting with small roles. In 1994, her friendship with Spike Lee helped land her the starring role of him in pulp fiction and from then on, his career took off.

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Its trajectory is so successful that since 2011 it is highest grossing actor of all time; the amount accumulated in all its premieres exceeds 10,500 million dollars, as published The country.

In From10.mxwe celebrate the 70th birthday of this great actor, Samuel L Jackson, remembering their 10 best roles on the big screen.

1. Jules Winnfield in pulp fiction (1998)

Killer Jules Winnfield is one of the actor’s most brutal characters and by far the most complex. His long conversations with Vincent Vega make us sympathize with him at times, but it is during his executioner phase that he shows his full potential.

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2.Stephen in Django Unchained (2012)

This is the most controversial role of the race Samuel L Jackson for a good reason. The actor has even described his character as “the most hated black man in movie history”. It is difficult to understand Stephen, a slave who follows his master, Calvin Candie, in all his twisted and cruel actions.

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3. Nick Fury in the Marvel Universe

In addition to Robert Downey Jr. as Iron Man, Samuel L Jackson he is one of the actors who seem to have been born to play his Marvel character. This is because in the Ultimate Universe comics, Marvel released a version of fury which was practically traced on the personality of the actor.

When it came time to cast someone to play the character on screen, there was no doubt that Samuel L. Jackson was the one.

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4.Marquis Warren in The Hateful Eight (2015)

In this extravagant and bloody story by Quentin Tarantino we see Samuel L Jackson as a Civil War veteran who finds himself caught up in a plot of revenge and violence. Although all the characters in this story have dubious reputations, Jackson’s character is by far the most enigmatic.

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5. Elijah Price/Mr. glass in the protégé (2000)

Although we see Samuel L Jackson out of his element, playing a character in a wheelchair, the actor does not lose his classic toughness. Director M. Night Shyamalan also makes the most of Jackson’s ability to deliver speeches that take your breath away.

We are dying to see Elijah Price again in Glassa film that will hit screens in January 2019.

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6. Zeus Carver in Die Hard 3: Revenge (nineteen ninety five)

We can’t deny that behind his tough-guy facade, Samuel L Jackson hides a natural talent for comedy. This is how his character, an electrician who is involved in extraordinary circumstances, becomes the humorous and sarcastic touch that every good action film needs to balance the tension.

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7. Ordell Robbie in Jackie Brown (1997)

Still in the role of the villain, Samuel L Jackson shows your most charming and magnetic side. The explosive character of this character makes him unpredictable and allows him to show the most unpredictable side of him, changing the play from one moment to the next.

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8. Mister Senor Love Daddy in do the right thing (1989)

Although later Samuel L Jackson He would make it very clear to us that monologues are his strong point, the Spike Lee tape was the first story in which we saw an indication of his talent. Like a radio host who becomes the voice of the neighborhood, Jackson surrounds us from the moment a microphone is placed in front of him.

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9.Ray Arnold in jurassic-park (1993)

The only thing that can stop Samuel L Jackson it’s a bunch of velociraptors. Steven Spielberg gets some of the credit for casting Jackson as technician Ray Arnold, in a film that won three Oscars and is considered one of the best action stories on the big screen.

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10. Frozone on The Incredibles (2004)

It is clear to us that the specialty of Samuel L Jackson they’re the tough guys and maybe that’s why we enjoy seeing him so far out of his comfort zone. In this animated film we saw him as Frozone, the best friend of Mr. Incredible. In addition to seeing Frozone create impressive ice rinks and slide in style, we will never forget the line: “Where’s my super suit?!”

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Top 10 Samuel L. Jackson Characters

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