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His mother was a survivor of Auschwitz, his father a Jewish rebel who fought in the guerrilla against the Nazi regime. Both would survive the Holocaust to ironically conceive one of the creators and referents of the eighties Hollywood comedy: Ivan Reitman.

Traveling to Canada when Ivan was 4 years old, his filmic dream would begin in the field of production, interfering in Canadian television and manufacturing his first films in the mid-70s. Part of the humorous commune that would form in that “Animal House” (which he himself would produce), Reitman would take the directing and production baton within this conglomerate that would revolutionize American comedy in the early 1980s, and from which the creatives and actors would emanate (Belushi, Aykroyd, Ramis, Murray) with whom Throughout he would collaborate for more than 70 productions and 18 directed films, which although they contain various clunkers and setbacks, he is also credited with several of the cult works of the gringo comedy of the 80s.

Reitman would retire from the direction in 2014, leaving the baton and inheriting his talent to his son, also the writer, producer and director Jason Reitman.

Let’s remember one of the referents of film comedy with his 5 Best and/or funniest movies.

5 – Meatballs (1979)

It’s not particularly smart (in fact, compared to the writing and jokes of Animal House, it falls far short), but it would make a decent humorous essay that would define the obscenity and political incorrectness of this nascent comic group, which would see the entry here with hype and dish of his most advanced acting student: Bill Murray. The story of how some hooligans responsible for a summer camp try to guide the newly arrived campers through the madness and pleasures of life, becomes hilarious at times in its similarity to the choral cinema of films like M*A*S*H, being in that more parodic sense where Reitman shines more in his humorous prosecution. The tape over time, for better or worse, would become a cult

4 – Draft Day (2014)

For The Actuary Cinema

Unlike other American football films, Draft Day explains in a simple way (and that even those who are not so fans can understand), the model of selection of new talent of the NFL called “Draft” where the teams choose their future stars. coming from the universities, evaluating from the sporting aspect, to the psychological one. Unlike many movies about this sport, this one offers a more perspective on its administration, adding an interesting plus, with a fairly decent direction from Reitman and a talented cast, the strongest part of the film being led by Kevin Costner, Chadwick Boseman and Jennifer Garner. Draft Day in a few years has become a classic of the subgenre.

3 – Kindergarten Cop (1990)

Arnold’s comedic ability allowed him to star in several of the classic 90’s television fillers, such as Junior (another Reitman), The Promised Gift or The Last Great Hero (terrible), however his humorous pinnacle was as an undercover detective. in a kindergarten, denoting in a very natural way the chemistry of the Governor with the escuincles and other interfering. Reitman prints a solvent rhythm and through the unbalanced stereotype of the action hero turned into a “mortal civilian” (a role that all the other figures had to play at the time), he channels some hilarious sequences both in the dialogues and in the physical gags. Very funny and underrated comedy

2 – Stripes (1981)

Going beyond a thug comedy (which it is too), confirmation of Reitman’s (and company) incorrect comic style would be perfectly reflected in this hilarious story about two outcasts who, upon enlisting in the army, discover that conventionality of this is equal to or more boring than life itself. Again and in a parody tone, Reitman allows the spontaneity and comic improvisation of his actors so that together they achieve beyond their humor, a social satire focused on militarization and the madness that “enlisting” entails. A film that could even be considered “anarchic”, as if it were a coup d’état – humorous to the military values ​​of the gringos

1 – Ghostbusters (1984)

We are facing one of the best combinations of comedy, fantasy and horror in history, a piece so simple, entertaining and with a high dose of charisma, that as you can see it is almost impossible to match. Reitman gave all creative freedom for the brilliance and improvisation of a carefree comic group from the Lampoon and SNL, with nothing to lose and much to contribute to a script that even allowed them their artistic interference. Although the acting ensemble was dreamy (Akroyd, Murray, Moranis, Weaver), without a doubt this gem of comedy would never have been the same without Spengler’s script, a pop culture icon and geek who, between his unforgettable phrases and his charismatic presence , also helped increase cupcake sales.

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Top 5 Ivan Reitman Movies

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