Top 5 Kurt Russell Movies

The good Kurt Russell, an important figure in eighties Hollywood acting who forged his own name and position through his participation in various westerns, comedies and action films.

Born on a day like today in 1951, Russell began acting from the age of 11 employed under the mouse company, Disney, with whom he filmed several series and movies. His father, also an actor Bing Russell, was the one who directly influenced Kurt’s tastes and vocations, who would also go on to play professional baseball in minor leagues. Russell himself comments, if it hadn’t been for an injury he suffered, we probably would have had a second baseman in the major leagues than an actor.

Though his range and abilities, combined with that scowl, made him more adept at tough Western-and-action characters during their 1980s (and mid-’90s) climax, Russell has had the opportunity on a few occasions. to demonstrate his dramatic skills (with an Oscar nomination included) or comics, in the latter area developing more at this stage of the decline of his career.

Bonus – Death Proof (Tarantino, 2007)

Taking into account that this is a two-part b-series parody (Rodriguez will do better with Planet Terror), its first part is at times outstanding thanks to its bloodthirsty main villain character, revitalizing the figure of the motorized assassin of the 80s (The Hitcher the biggest reference) with a brilliant Russell wrapped in a burst of eroticism and good music; a predator that Tarantino is able to structure thanks to the fact that his static dialect tricks work perfectly. The problem comes later, because although it is more than clear that feminism needs to take revenge and be redeemed, it is in the way of posing it, totally contrary to its first act, where this joke ends up being more ridiculous than praiseworthy.

5 – Escape from New York (Carpenter, 1981) Text of The Actuary Cinema

Within the science fiction and action genre we have had countless heroes, but I think the great Snake Plissken is one of the most underrated and should be in the conversation of the best action heroes. Kurt Russell with his interpretation not only imprinted charisma on the character, but through excellent physical and histrionic performance he created a kind of unusual antihero for the time, serving his role as a pioneer so that this genre began to break the mold of completely moralistic traditional hero and to take risks with much more brazen characters. Definitely for him the most iconic interpretation of this actor.

4 – Silkwood (Mike Nichols, 1983) Text of The Actuary Cinema

Perhaps Silkwood is a fairly simple biopic that tells the story of a nuclear plant worker who looks for evidence of safety violations in the company where she works, however the value of this film lies in the performances, one of them is the Kurt Russell who in the film has the fortunate role of Drew Stephens, the boyfriend of Karen Silkwood (played by Meryl Streep); the character has the main characteristic of going from being the ideal boyfriend to becoming a compulsive jealousy who gradually begins to get fed up with the obsession of his girlfriend’s investigation, a character transition that sounds cliché but in the hands of a good actor like Kurt makes an impact on the story. Oscar nomination included

3 – Bone Tomahawk (S. Craig Zahler, 2015)

Zahler disrupts the narrative course of the genre in a violent, sadistic and dark catharsis, where the “classic” characters of the west (Russell in a dominated and convincing character like Marshall) are exposed and instantly become tokens of chance in the face of a threat. true and unique, and that respecting the essence of the genre, projects evil and pure savagery, a grotesque dehumanization that leads to one of the most brutal and graphic scenes in memory and that it is fair to mention, should be avoided if the viewer is weak-stomach. A daring and innovative western that breaks and/or extrapolates the rules of the game to give the “wild” west enough momentum to fairly earn that label again.

2- The Thing (John Carpenter, 1982) Text by @beduardob

The remake of The thing from another world (1951) comes from the hand of John Carpenter with an amalgam of resources that are aimed at causing uncertainty. An extraterrestrial being has arrived on earth, but he does not have a definite form, but can turn and usurp any identity with which he comes into contact. Therefore, all the characters at a certain point lose their initial facade and it is not known if they are the heroes or the villains, this provides really distressing moments of tension and that leads to suspense scenes of the highest caliber (and where Russell stands out as the protagonist). One of the best horror and science fiction movies that served Kurt to strengthen his presence in Hollywood

1 – Tombstone (George P. Cosmatos, 1993)

The western adventure that not only brought more respect to the figure of Wyatt Earp, but also maximized it to heroic standards that had never been seen before. It is said that Russell himself was the one who directed the film, but what is clear is that this great adventure revolutionizes the narrative of the genre by combining it with the gangster story of “the cowboys”, the first North American mafia under an unparalleled plot justification, supported in a small and precise narration and visual archive neither more nor less than The Great Train Robbery (1903). The figure of the avenger rises again in a majestically entertaining and well-directed way, and hell was with him! The best Earp in cinema belongs to Russell (in fact one of his sons is called Wyatt)

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Top 5 Kurt Russell Movies

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