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Samuel L Jackson he is perhaps the best “catalogue” actor that Hollywood has had in the last 30 years. He does not have great talent or versatility, but his weaknesses are overcome by an impressive charisma and comedic-dramatic presence that makes him an element that is generally solvent and commands the story despite always playing the same character! Sure! With certain exceptions and/or more interesting variations of the same that we will see here. Despite this, Samuel’s career is to be praised, reaching the nickname of legend thanks to his aforementioned archetype and his more than 180 credits in film and television, being one of the most constant actors and with the largest projects of the last decades.

Born on a day like today in 1948, Jackson would be born with the gift and artistic vocation when he first learned to play the trumpet and consequently formed his school’s theater group. Continuing with his studies in dramatic arts, he would also be a constant activist for the rights of the African-American race, communing with many marches with and in the presence of Martin Luther King himself.

His career as an actor would begin in 1973! But it would not be until almost two decades later when he began little by little to parade and appear under the direction of some great directors who little by little would direct his charisma and talent. In 1990 he would appear in a small but substantial role in Goodfellas, and by the following year he would be a Spike Lee staple. He would make his way between thrillers and blockbusters: Patriot’s Game, Jurassic Park, The Exorcist III, until in 1994 he suddenly appeared in all his splendor under a certain “pulp” fiction. the rest would be history

Linked to the evolution of Tarantino himself (a kind of symbiosis that they have formed through 5 of the director’s 11 films), and the formulas of the great blockbusters -saga- (Star Wars, Avengers) and of course to the 90s cinema in all its genres, Samuel L. Jackson is also and without a doubt one of the most recognized faces of American cinematography of the last 30 years. Who the hell hasn’t seen a movie where he comes out? Being now even in the soup, this beloved actor has forged his fame and media power based on his presence, charisma and knowledge in the selection of his projects (some very, very timely)

Let’s celebrate the 73 years of Samuel L. Jackson with his 5 Best Movies

Bonus 1 – Unbreakable and Glass (M. Night Shyamalan, 2000 and 2019)

Both very disparate films and forcibly united under a trilogy of “super humans” created from a peculiar and rare approach to the subgenre by its director, but still functional (or at least entertaining) thanks first and foremost to the mere presence of L. Jackson, who recreates an interesting villain in this rethinking, even managing to supply the necessary and consistent chemistry so that Willis can shine (again). An antagonistic facet in total dominance thanks to the continuous approach of this type of characters throughout his career and that would also be manifested in an attractive way in other films of the same nature such as Kingsman, and his picturesque and funny antagonist

Bonus 2 – Die Hard: With a Vengeance (John McTiernan, 1995)

The best sequel to “Die Hard” would come not only with the return of McTiernan to the franchise, but also thanks to the addition of L. Jackson as the precise partner to increase the media levels of Bruce Willis in the first calls for attention from the audience exploited the saga. The chemistry is hilarious, an element that commendably contrasts with the constant tension imposed by the director and his one-act script. I wouldn’t call it versatility, but if L. Jackson’s disposition, we can certainly classify him as one of the most solvent supporting actors of the 90s, even filming this taste of action right after Pulp Fiction.

5 – Sphere (Barry Levinson, 1998)

I rarely have the opportunity to talk about this horror and SF film from the underrated Levinson, and although I could classify it as one of my biggest “guilty tastes”, the reality is that this strange underwater – alien thriller indicts not only two or three sequences or even fast-paced climaxes full of suspense, but in its approach it also has enough to supply Hoffman – Stone – Jackson with a tremendous chemistry that provides tension and that desired effect of psychological terror, the basis of its plot or “ mystery”, and where Jackson displays the most complex and terrifying character with the spark that characterizes him. One of those good ideas a little forced in its development, but that is sustained thanks to his performances.

4 – Jackie Brown (Quentin Tarantino, 1997)

The first sketches of Tarantino’s maximum pretentiousness (and that would lead him to narrative bankruptcy in films like The Hateful Eight), would be resolved by a cast headed by L. Jackson himself, in which to date he is one of the few real protagonists of his career, with the same weight as Pam Grier’s character, and where the interesting thing lies in his antagonistic nature. Again, totally effective and capable of sustaining Quentin’s sometimes boring script, Jackson’s comfort is also evident here when it comes to the theatricality of his director – godfather, a tone that suits him like a glove thanks to his talent. oral and his charismatic impudence.

3 – A Time to Kill (Joel Schumacher, 1996)

One of those pleasant mistakes of the filmic “matrix”, this forgotten and entertaining thriller not only surprises for its timeless social theme, but also for its transgressive and critical tone that, despite being “somewhat” made up, works largely thanks to that its director inserts a series of intense moments and racial elements so that conventionality thus becomes something as dizzying as it is substantial. Due to Schumacher’s narrative incapacities, it was very common for him to delegate much of the responsibility in his performances, a very wise decision that gave L. Jackson a Golden Globe nomination, surpassing in this instance McCounaghey’s acting awakening .

2 – Django Unchained (Quentin Tarantino, 2012)

The true and main villain was also the most complex character in this western fable of many ups and downs, but in the end solved by the paternalistic and extravagant chemistry between DiCaprio and the veteran in question. A halo of comic guilt surrounds the first appearances of “Stephen”, the master and lord of Calvin and those lands, however it is at the climax when Jackson’s best dramatic features appear, demonstrating as rarely that superb balance that we know you can realize drops in your career. Although the attractiveness of his character diminishes when we remove Waltz and DCaprio from the play, he certainly managed to make Stephen one of Tarantino’s most peculiar monsters.

1 – Pulp Fiction (Quentin Tarantino, 1994)

Within one of the best scripts, criminal stories and acting ensembles in the history of cinema, the added value is undoubtedly a still rookie Samuel L. Jackson, as immersed as he is immense in each of his scenes and dialogues, and why not? ? Considering throughout this as the element with the greatest prominence, a situation that is confirmed with its final sequence and that final redemption professor. Through the character of Jules, Tarantino directs the tone and intensity of his story, playing between drama and black humor and forging, together with his new acquisition and fetish, one of the most emblematic and charismatic antiheroes, and even a reference in the 90s pop culture.

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Top 5 Samuel L. Jackson Movies

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