[VIDEO] Fernando Casanova: The former Protestant pastor who teaches to defend the Catholic faith

For this faith and for this Church I was willing to leave everything”, narrates Dr. Fernando Casanova, former Pentecostal Protestant pastor converted to Catholicism and renowned international speaker and host of the EWTN series “Defend your Faith” and “I’m at home”.

“I became a Catholic after a difficult process with various inconveniences and vocational and family crises. I achieved full communion with the Catholic Church after 5 long years of reflection, study, deepening of the Bible and the history of the Church”, says Casanova in dialogue with ACI Prensa.

Today’s Catholic apologist and theologian narrates that there were many issues he had to deal with: “I always found that the Catholic Church was always right. I did not want to become a Catholic and when I found a way out, a more dazzling and attractive Catholic faith presented itself.

“It was until I managed to discover that great mystery of the real and true presence of our Lord in the Blessed Sacrament of the Altar that I couldn’t take it anymore and I had to surrender,” he added.

After having been a licensed ordained minister and Pentecostal pastor until January 25, 2002, he formally entered the Catholic Church on April 17, 2003.

“Imagine what happened in my heart when at that moment I, wanting to be a good pastor -because I was a well-intentioned guy- did not have the power given by Christ to his ministers to turn a piece of bread and a little wine into his body and in his blood,” he said.

Along with his wife Lissette, they embraced the Catholic faith upon discovering that the foundation of Pentecostalism did not rest on biblical reasons but rather on decontextualizations and fundamental errors about Christian doctrine.

“There are people who say ‘the important thing is to be in the church where you feel good’, but can I go with another woman who is not my wife for the same reason? Surely not, there is a question of principles, values ​​and truth. We are fighting against superficiality and religious ignorance, and that makes people relativize and believe that everything does not matter, ”she limited.

Casanova assured that those who truly love God are not “settled for little, not even much”, but “want everything” and “that is why we are in communion and we will die in the Church that has everything, and the only Church that has that criterion is the Catholic Church.”

He also affirms that those people who left the Catholic Church had the wrong reasons: “every time I ask an ex-Catholic why he left or why he simply decided not to practice his faith anymore, and I delve into the reasons for that departure, I do not I have still found a valid reason.”

“I would tell those people to first eradicate any possible prejudice they might have; and second, that they do not inform themselves with novels or videos on the internet, but rather read more and in greater depth”.

Finally, he stressed that Catholics should be well educated in today’s world: “here the principle of the Gospel is imposed, which says ‘no one can give what he does not have’. When I talk about training, I don’t mean filling your head with data or consulting primary sources. I mean that all of this must be part of a spiritual exercise, apostolate or sanctifying agenda that consists of extending the Kingdom of God to others.”

In each of his conferences, workshops and talks, Casanova recounts his conversion and refutes the doctrinal errors of the Protestant churches with arguments and biblical citations.

Fernando Casanova is a Doctor of Theology (PhD) from the Graduate Theological Foundation, in Indiana (United States).

He also has three Master’s degrees in: Ecclesiastical Studies, Religion and Theology; and he has a BA in Pastoral Studies.

In 2007 he founded “La Alianza Formativa”, an apostolate of formation and promotion of the Catholic faith for the benefit of the parishioners of the Archdiocese of San Juan, Puerto Rico.

He is currently working on the foundation of the World Theological Institute, which offers distance learning for a Diploma in Biblical Studies.

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[VIDEO] Fernando Casanova: The former Protestant pastor who teaches to defend the Catholic faith

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