Wesley Snipes originally auditioned for another character in the saga – Spoiler Time

More of 30 years after Coming to America was released in theaters, Coming 2 America debuted in Amazon Prime Video. In the sequel, wesley snipes plays the general izzythe military leader of Nexdoriathe neighboring country of Zamunda. The film reveals that General izzy he is also the brother of Imanithe woman with whom Prince Akem (Eddie Murphy) would marry before his trip to queens and meet Lisa McDowell. turns out snipes actually auditioned for a role in Coming to America of 1988a role that went to another actor at the time.

the character of snipes is one of several new faces in Coming 2 America. In the sequel, Izzy of snipes Y Akeem of Murphy They meet a couple of times. Izzy he’s upset because Akeem did not marry his sister and blames the Prince of Zamunda for all the problems Nexdoria. Izzy tries to marry his son to the daughter of Akeem, Meeka and, later, makes another attempt at a marriage arrangement between his daughter and his son. Akeem, Lavelle.

As we said before, the sequel to the comedy is not the first time that snipes came into contact with the franchise. For Coming to Americathe actor confirms that he originally auditioned for the role of Darryl JenksLisa’s spoiled, self-centered boyfriend and heir to the hair care products company SoulGlo of his family, whose advertisements are seen throughout the first film. snipes told the story of auditioning for Entertainment Weekly in December 2020stating that he lost the role to Erik LaSalle after three audition callbacks.

Despite not landing the part at the time, snipes He said that “since I saw Coming to AmericaI have wanted to work with Eddie Murphy“. Fast forward to three decades later and snipes now you can say that it is part of the legacy of Coming to America. In the meantime, La Salle could not resume his role darryl due to programming problems. Although his presence would have had to be justified considering that he and Lisa they broke up decades before, it would have been incredibly interesting to see him in a possible scene with general izzyespecially now that fans know that snipes auditioned for the role of La Salle.

Curiously, Coming 2 America It’s not the first time snipes Y Murphy They work together. snipes played an actor turned director in Dolemite Is My Name of Murphy and the two of them shared a fair amount of funny scenes together. Similarly to Coming 2 Americatheir characters were not particularly friends and an arrangement was made for them to work together despite disagreeing.

While fans may always wonder how snipes would have played the role of darryl in Coming to Americasomeone who is very far away General Izzi, Coming 2 America possibly gives to snipes much more to work with in terms of comedy. As a last resort, snipes he seems happy to have landed the role of izzy in the sequel, a role the actor truly embraces. So one could say that things worked out pretty well for him in the end.

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Wesley Snipes originally auditioned for another character in the saga – Spoiler Time

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