Who dubs Clint Eastwood in Spanish?

Deep and cavernous, the voice of Clint Eastwood It is one of the most characteristic of cinema. In original version (of course) and in its Spanish dubbed version, who has known how to imprint the personality of his characters. Rough, mysterious and seductive men. For many, listening to the actor speak in one of his films is listening to Constantine Romero, the dubbing actor who, by far, has dubbed Clint Eastwood more times in Spanish. However, the list of those who have given him a voice is quite extensive and has some curious details.

Since this veteran of the spaghetti western began his career in the world of cinema with For a bunch of dollars, in 1964, more than a dozen actors have given him a voice. Some of them have been Javier Dotú, Ernesto Aura, Héctor Cantolla, Manolo García, Víctor Valverde or Jesús Nieto, the first to dub Eastwood, precisely in his debut in the Sergio Leone western genre.

Clint Eastwood in 1962 ©GTRESONLINE

Constantine and Clint, 40 years of a cinema voice

Although, without a doubt, the first voice that comes to mind when we think of the long-lived actor is that of Constantino Romero, who voiced the actor for almost four decades, in a total of 30 films. His professional relationship began in 1970, when the Spaniard provided his genuine voice for the dubbing of the North American actor in Kelly’s Violents, a movie about World War II in which Clint played an American soldier. Since then, the image of Clint Eastwood and the voice of Constantino Romero would be almost inseparably linked.

Constantine is also the voice of Eastwood’s character in Absolute power (1997), a fast-paced thriller that tells the story of Luther Whitney, a specialist in grand thefts, plans to rob the mansion of a tycoon who is on vacation in the Caribbean. However, once inside, he is an unwitting witness to an assassination involving the President of the United States, his chief of staff, and two Secret Service agents. A tape that can be seen this Friday in the 1at 10:15 p.m. at night.

The last job that Constantino Romero and Clint Eastwood shared was the film directed by and starring the latter, Great Turin (2009) in which the car becomes the treasure of a grumpy old man who ends up sacrificing himself for a young outcast to whom he inherits the car. However, between Kelly’s Violents Y Great Turinthere were some occasions where other voice actors were used.

Clint Eastwood, 1978 GTRES

Three voices for Harry Callahan

It happened with the saga of Dirty Harryfor which the character of harry callahan had up to three different dubbers in Spanish: Constantino Romero in dirty Harry and The blacklist; Manolo Garcia in Strong Harry; and Hector Cantolla in Harry the Executioner and in sudden impact. In addition, in the long list of Clint Eastwood dubbers in Spanish, there is also the well-remembered actor Paco Valladares. His was the voice in Spanish of Clint Eastwood’s character in The Good, the Bad and the Ugly.

After the death of Constantino Romero, who died at the age of 65 in 2013, Clint was left without his most representative voice in Spanish. Who also came to give voice to other mythical celluloid characters such as Darth Vader, James Bond (in Roger Moore’s films), Terminator, Mufasa (The Lion King) and the replicant Roy Blatty from Blade Runner, remained silent forever. .

Clint Eastwood in ‘Hard to Peel’ (1978) ©GTRESONLINE

Who currently voices Clint Eastwood?

The witness of Constantino Romero as voice actor of Clint Eastwood I take it then Arsenio Corsellaswho would become (sonically) Clint Eastwood in Mule (2018). Since then, Corsellas, who also gave voice in Spanish to james-bondin this case in two films of the saga starring Sean Connery: Diamonds Are Forever and 007: Never Say Never Again, was the voice of the actor from The bridges of Madison either The iron sergeant.

Although in the last film directed by and starring the nonagenarian, a film in which the character of Clint was noticeably older, a new dubbing voice was chosen for the actor, more in keeping with his age. Camilo Garciaa veteran in this sounding for others, who also gave voice to other mythical as Han SoloHannibal Lecter or Saruman.

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Who dubs Clint Eastwood in Spanish?

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