Why did Clint Eastwood turn down to star in Jungle Glass?

  • Jungle Glass was the film that catapulted Bruce Willis’s career, but the actor was never the initial choice to star in the film.

  • The film’s writers were inspired by Clint Eastwood and his portrayal of Dirty Harry to write the script.

  • The Bridges of Madison actor, however, turned down the role, as he did not understand the humor of the script.

La Jungla de Cristal is one of the most popular, successful and acclaimed action movies in the history of the seventh art. Released in 1988, John McTiernan’s film was so warmly received by critics that the unanimously recognized as one of the best action works of all timeas by the public, who did not hesitate to leave the rooms in the cinema.

Up to 140 million dollars came to amass the film, a figure that far exceeded its initial budget, estimated at around 28 million dollars, and which opened the ban on the production of several sequels that, although they were not as well received by critics as the first, did maintain the interest of viewers. In fact, it is estimated that, worldwide, the Jungle of Glass saga has raised a whopping 1,435 million dollars. Almost nothing.

His conversion into an action movie superstar came straight from the Jungle of Glass sagabut its trajectory could have been very different if the writers of the film had gotten the actor they really wanted to be its protagonist.

Clint Eastwood could have starred in Jungle of Glass

Imagining police officer John McClane without the face of Bruce Willis is an incredibly difficult task, almost impossible, even, but The Sixth Sense actor was never the writers’ first choice. On the contrary, before Willis, there were many other names to don the tank top and star in the successful saga, such as Richard Gere, Don Johnson, Harrison Ford or even Arnold Schwarzenegger or Robert DeNiro himself.

In fact, FOX, the film’s production company, He contacted practically all the fashionable interpreters of the moment to star in the film, but among all of them there was one in particular that had the absolute approval of the screenwriters: Clint Eastwood.

The actor of the Dollar Trilogy and The Bridges of Madison County had inspired the screenwriters when creating the script for the film. In fact, the dialogues of the protagonist had been based on the way Dirty Harry himself spoke, but Eastwood never accepted the role of John McClane.

Clint Eastwood did not understand the humor of the Jungle of Glass scriptCord Press

As revealed by Jeb Stuart, screenwriter of the film with Steven E. de Souza, in a conversation with the American digital media /Film, Eastwood refused to participate in the film because “I didn’t understand the humor” of the scriptsomething that caught the writers totally by surprise.

“The producers first contacted Clint Eastwood. Ironically, his response was: ‘I don’t understand the humor.’ Which, it was a shock to me, because if you hear a lot of those words… Eastwood is one of the few people who could have uttered a phrase like ‘Come to LA, have a good time.’ All that kind of stuff. you could see him doing that. He was my inspiration,” she stated.

After contacting Eastwood, the producers tried to get some of the fashionable actors of the moment, unsuccessfully. In the end, and as we all know, the role ended up falling to Bruce Willis, and seen that they could not have chosen better.

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Why did Clint Eastwood turn down to star in Jungle Glass?

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