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Review with information and curiosities of the rocky saga completeone of the longest-running and most successful of the seventh art and without a doubt the project for which its creator Sylvester Stallone will go down in cinema history.

Rocky Saga: The best sports movie saga in history

In cinemas.com we are very film sagas. And the thing is, if you liked a movie, what could be better than being able to continue seeing more stories with the same characters and new plots that expand the universe presented in the original film? That is why we are going to start a series of articles under the title of: “movie sagas” in which we will tell you data, curiosities, reflections and analysis about some of the great icons of cinema.
Our first guest is going to be a guy from Philadelphia with a good heart who, starting from nothing, conquered the hearts of moviegoers around the world. We hope that after reading this article you grab your Rocky DVD or Bluray packs, or your Netflix, Amazon or HBO account, and mark the marathon that this unforgettable film saga deserves. With all of you: Rocky.

Rockey (1976)

Rocky (1976) - Review of the entire Saga

The inaugural film of the saga It began as it often happens in Hollywood, a script attracts the attention of the big production companies, who begin to break their necks to buy their rights and, above all, make the version that has the most appearances of succeeding at the premiere, with the stars of the moment as protagonists and getting their hands on the script that they have fought so hard to achieve. However, on this occasion, the majors ran into the faith —or the stubbornness— of the author of the script, a young unknown actor with a somewhat ridiculous name who insisted on a single detail to choose the producer that was going to lead the big display your script: the leading role would be for him.

Stallone creates an icon

That stranger was called Sylvester Stallone and Warner and other studios jumped off the bandwagon at the condition imposed by this, but MGM was very confident in the possibilities of the story and reluctantly agreed to let Sly play Rocky. The production company did reduce the initial budget considerably, fearful that Stallone’s name at the head of the poster would be poison for the box office and hired to direct the tape to John G. Advilsena craftsman who had directed an excellent character drama five years earlier: save the tiger.

The result was one of the great boxing movies in movie history and above all a delicate love drama in which in the end what mattered most to the viewer was whether the illiterate but good-natured Rocky was going to flirt with the diffident Adrian.

The best movie of the Rocky Saga

Rocky won against all odds the Oscar for best film and two more, for Advilsen for best director, and best editing. In addition, Stallone received a double nomination for best original screenplay and leading actor and the film was nominated for another five statuettes. An imperishable classic and without a doubt the best film of the saga.

Rocky Spanish Trailer


Great movie sagas: Rocky

So far the small tribute that we have wanted to pay from Cines.com to Rocky, one of the great characters in the history of cinema and the protagonist of one of the most beloved sagas by moviegoers around the world. If you want to read more stories, curiosities and analysis about film sagas pay attention to your favorite movie website because we will soon be back with another chapter. A clue: its protagonist already predicted long before Donald Trump, Sergio Ramos and my brother-in-law made us see that, in the future, we were all going to become assholes.

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