10 facts to know who Cindy Moon, aka Silk, is, the protagonist of the new spin-off of the Spider-Man universe

Silk is a recent character from Marvel Comics, but despite that, Cindy Moon has had a very interesting story. Let’s know his trajectory

Cindy Moon, also known as Silk, is one of the many web-slingers in the Marvel Comics pantheon. Although the character made a brief appearance in Spider-Man: Homecoming, she is set to star in your own tv series that would be part of Sony’s Spider-Man universe.

Since we are going to be able to enjoy Silk on the small screen, it is time to get down to work to get to know it a little more. A member of teams like the Spider Army and Atlas people, the protagonist shares most of Spiderman’s powers and has even adopted the aliases of Spider-Woman and Spider-Girl.

10 facts to know who Silk is in Marvel Comics

Silk’s powers are more powerful than Spiderman’s.

Compared to Spider-Man’s superpowers, his silk sense, the equivalent of his spider-sense, is more advanced and reliable. His strength is not as powerful as Peter’s, but he is much faster. In addition, it is endowed with an exceptional photographic memory.

Although no specific reason is offered, like Silk, Cindy can spew organic cobwebs from her fingertips. This is in contrast to Peter’s webbing, who relies on launchers that she has to constantly replenish to spin her signature webbing.

Cindy interned at Fact Channel News

After his tenure as mayor, the former boss and rival of spider man, J. Jonah Jameson, worked as a television presenter on the New York news channel Fact Channel. Determined to give meaning to her life and to find her parents, she enrolls as a trainee journalist at the channel and works in the information center.

Jameson will begin to appreciate his work later and will even ask him to get photos of the arachnid known as Silk. This is a clear nod to the time when Peter Parker was taking photos of Spider-Man for Jameson’s Daily Bugle newspaper.

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silk origin

As seen in ‘The Amazing Spider-Man’ vol. 3 #1, the radioactive spider that bit Peter Parker and gave him his powers also ended up biting his classmate Cindy. She develops similar powers, such as a sort of spider-sense and increased physical strength.

In most of the stories origin of spider man, the spider is accidentally exposed to radiation at a scientific exhibition and dies instantly after biting Peter. However, this comic alters the story and the spider continues to bite Cindy.

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Silk’s first appearance in the comics

Cindy appeared in the first issue of the third volume of ‘The Amazing Spider-Man’. Even before being bitten by the spider, she was mostly depicted as a faceless background character at Peter’s school.

Only in ‘The Amazing Spider-Man’ vol. 3. 4 he got his first voice role and from there the story of his origin as a superhero began. Since then, he has appeared in the ‘Original Sin’ crossover, the 2010 Spider-Man mega event ‘Spider-Verse’ and his own standalone series ‘Silk’.

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Ezequiel captured Silk from a very young age.

Unlike Peter, Cindy didn’t start her crime-fighting career right after she was bitten. Unable to control her powers, Ezekiel Sims convinced the Moon family to train her. Cindy spent six years mastering her skills under Ezequiel’s guidance.

But when the interdimensional villain Morlun sets out to hunt down all the arachnids, one of which is Cindy herself, Ezekiel decides to lock her up in an underground bunker. Ezequiel’s decision is certainly questionable, but he justified it by saying that it was for his own safety. cindy. This moment left a traumatic impact on Cindy and distanced her from her family.

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Silk had anxiety problems

The time spent in captivity in the bunker had a huge impact on Cindy’s mental health. This is evident from the paranoia she experiences on the outside, especially at the mention of villains like Morlun.

He is angered when Spider-Man consults the members of the Fantastic Four, of which he was briefly a part, to check their mental state. Later, he agrees to see a therapist he sees regularly. Around this time, he also goes on dates with the Human Torch as they fight crime together. This activity turned out to be a much-needed break for her.

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Silk and Spiderman had a little fling

When Spider-Man and Silk cross paths, they feel a strong mutual sexual attraction. Although they haven’t been very close before, their common spidey sense is so strong that they connect instantly.

Once out of the bunker, he vows to find and kill Morlun, one of Spider-Man’s strangest villains. Peter reassures her that Morlun is already dead. However, she becomes suspicious and even attacks Peter. The fight does not last long, since it ends with a kiss. But when Cindy is about to unmask her, Peter stops her, hinting that he’s not yet ready to reveal her secret identity to him.

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Cindy Moon at the MCU

Although Cindy is getting her own live-action series, only comic book fans will have noticed her presence in the movie. MCU playing his character in ‘Spider-Man: Homecoming’

Played by actress tiffany espensen, Cindy appears as one of Peter’s classmates at Midtown School. She is also a member of the decathlon team that Peter quits to focus on his fight against crime. She likewise has a brief appearance in ‘Avengers: Infinity War’. As Peter’s spider-sense kicks in, he decides to make a move while Ned creates a diversion for the other students on the school bus.

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Silk creators have experience with Spiderman

Cindy is a creation of the writer dan slott and the cartoonist Humberto Ramos. Although both creatives have dabbled in multiple comic book properties, they’ve also been a part of some iconic Spider-Man comics.

Slott has not only worked on ‘The Amazing Spider-Man’, but also collaborated on ‘The Superior Spider-Man’, which was about an anti-heroic version of Spider-Man whose consciousness is taken over by Doctor Octopus. Ramos, for his part, has worked on multiple numbers of ‘Peter Parker: Spider-Man’, ‘The Spectacular Spider-Man’ and the already mentioned ‘The Superior Spider-Man’.

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Cindy Moon runs a spy organization and has a date with the Kingpin on Earth-65

Spider-Gwen’s Earth-65 is a rather bizarre alternate dimension. One of the most surprising revelations is that Matt Murdock is the Kingpin in this universe instead of Wilson Fisk. As if that wasn’t enough, the ‘Spider-Women’ crossover event finds Cindy from this dimension in a villain version.

This version of Silk runs a nefarious spy organization appropriately named SILK. Actually, she might as well have been this dimension’s Silk if her school teacher hadn’t scared off the radioactive spider. Later, Cindy joined SHIELD and worked with similar spiders, one of which bit Gwen and turned her into another web-slinger.

Silk - Cindy Moon - Spiderman- Spider-Man - Marvel Comics - UCM

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10 facts to know who Cindy Moon, aka Silk, is, the protagonist of the new spin-off of the Spider-Man universe

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