10 Reasons Why Clark Kent Should Be DC’s Only Superman

Superman is the greatest superhero in history. He is the formative superhero, the early stories of him creating the language of comics that would be codified over the decades. His dual identity, Clark Kent, wasn’t the first time a hero had a mild-mannered alter ego, but it’s one of the best. Kent is as iconic as Superman and the two are inextricably linked in the minds of fans around the world.

Recently, Clark has stopped being Superman for his son Jon to take over. While this has worked out pretty well, there are plenty of reasons why Clark should be the only Superman.

10 Has Name Recognition

Clark Kent is Superman in the minds of almost everyone. For example, when it was announced that Jon was going to come out as bisexual, many fans thought he was Clark, which sparked controversy among the most reactionary and intolerant. People can’t think of anyone else as Superman other than Clark Kent.

It’s hard to beat that kind of name recognition. Comics are no longer read by as many people as they used to. Superman is a cultural icon and if a kid picks up a Superman comic without Clark in the suit, he might not care. Few pop culture characters have the cultural cache of Clark Kent like Superman.

9 Every time he is substituted, he comes back.1650502307 754 10 Reasons Why Clark Kent Should Be DCs Only Superman.webp

Jon Kent is just the latest in a long line of characters to have replaced Superman. Before this, the most well-known era was the “Reign of the Supermen,” when four different heroes took over for Superman. Everybody knew that wasn’t going to last, and that’s pretty much the feeling with Jon. Jon is a great character, but it’s impossible for him to be Superman forever.

It’s gotten to a point where replacing Superman seems like a waste of time. DC is not going to make a lasting change; no comic book company would replace a character like Clark Kent forever. This takes all the meaning out of these stories.

8 Her Suit Is Perfect1650502307 57 10 Reasons Why Clark Kent Should Be DCs Only Superman.webp

Every time a new Superman shows up, they modify the suit to fit it. Although the suit usually retains recognizable elements, none of them are as good as the original Superman suit. The Superman suit is possibly the best superhero suit of all time; it’s also synonymous with Clark and wouldn’t work on any other Superman.

Clark Kent’s suit is so tied to him and so perfect that not seeing him again would be a great tragedy. Keeping a character just for his suit may seem superficial but Clark’s suit is so good that losing him forever isn’t worth it.

7 Clark Is A Great Character1650502308 961 10 Reasons Why Clark Kent Should Be DCs Only Superman.webp

When most people think of Superman, they think of his powers first, but this is a huge mistake. Clark Kent isn’t given a lot of credit for how important he is to the whole equation or how great he can be as Clark’s character. Everyone sees it pretty simplistically but there is a lot below the surface that is fun to explore.

Clark is what happens when a god tries to be human, which is what makes him so interesting. His choices show a lot about him. Jon is a good character, but he often feels like an expanded Clark; Clark is original and it shows on every page.

6 He Is The Justice League1650502309 294 10 Reasons Why Clark Kent Should Be DCs Only Superman.webp

The Justice League has always brought together DC’s mightiest heroes. Superman isn’t always part of the team, but there are few heroes who exemplify the Justice League like him. While all heroes are committed to justice, few are as synonymous with it as Superman. He is the consummate hero and even when he is not around, the Justice League follows his lead.

New blood is always a good thing, but Clark Kent is the perfect encapsulation of what the Justice League is all about. Clark is a man who does everything he can to not only protect the weak but to inspire others. That is La Liga in a nutshell and it is one of the many reasons why it is so important.

5 Jimmy Olsen Is Too Big A Character To Lose1650502310 55 10 Reasons Why Clark Kent Should Be DCs Only Superman.webp

Jimmy Olsen is Superman’s best friend and one of DC’s funniest characters. He’s been through years of changes in comics and is one of the most well-known sidekicks in pop culture. Every time a new Superman comes along, Olsen gets lost in the deck, which is a tragedy, as he’s too big of a character to lose for any reason.

One of the great things about Jimmy is how mutable he is. Whether it’s literally changing into a superhero or a giant turtle monster or character changes that keep him relevant, Jimmy works in any era. Although he’s a good enough character to work with all kinds of characters, he’s at his best with Clark. They complement each other brilliantly.

4 Lois And Clark Are The Defining Couple Of Comics1650502310 732 10 Reasons Why Clark Kent Should Be DCs Only Superman.webp

Lois Lane is the most important character in the Superman mythos who is not named Superman. Her and Clark’s relationship has always been iconic and she has saved the day when her famous spouse couldn’t. She is still a cast member of her son Jon’s, but Lois and Clark are too nice to keep them apart for any reason. She may be Jon’s mother, but she is Superman’s partner.

Seeing Lois and Clark in action is always worth the price of admission. They complement each other like no other comic book couple does. There’s a reason they’re the defining couple of all comics and they work best when Clark is Superman.

3 His Villains Work Better Against Him1650502310 819 10 Reasons Why Clark Kent Should Be DCs Only Superman.webp

Jon Kent is becoming a great Superman, but it’s still early days for him. He doesn’t really have a rogues gallery of his own and can be seen fighting more and more against his father’s enemies to prove his worth. Superman has some amazing enemies and one could argue that they could work just as well against Jon, but that’s not really the case.

Whenever Jon faces one of Superman’s old enemies, the specter of Clark will always be there. The fights will be more about hurting Superman’s son than anything else. The fights are still more about Clark than anything else because they work better against him.

2 Has The Story1650502310 576 10 Reasons Why Clark Kent Should Be DCs Only Superman.webp

Establishing new characters is critical to the survival of the comic medium and Jon Kent is a great addition. He’s starred in some great comics and has a lot of fans, but that doesn’t mean he completely belongs with Superman. Clark Kent has been Superman for almost a century; some of the best comics of all time have starred him as Superman.

Discarding a character who defines Superman the way he does is a mistake. He is the one who made the mantle great and has the history to back up his title of World’s Greatest Hero. Clark Kent is a Superman in an indelible way and he has the history to prove it.

1 The Superman To The Stars Proves He’s The Ultimate Superhero1650502311 241 10 Reasons Why Clark Kent Should Be DCs Only Superman.webp

all star supermanis without a doubt the best Superman story ever, possibly the best comic book ever. Written by Grant Morrison with art by Frank Quitely, it is the definitive statement on superheroes in general and Superman in particular, and champions the character as a modern myth. All of that mythmaking is tied to who Clark Kent is and what he stands for as Superman.

After reading all star superman, it’s hard to see another character as Superman. Clark Kent is such an important part of the equation of that story and it wouldn’t work as well without him. This is Superman in microcosm – another character can certainly become Superman but he will never do it as well as Clark.

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10 Reasons Why Clark Kent Should Be DC’s Only Superman

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