10 Superman Comics You Must Read To Understand The Man Of Steel

These are ten Superman comics that you must read if you want to consider yourself an insider on the history of Clark Kent and his alter ego.

We know that the literature around kal-el is infinite and therefore it is impossible to read it all, but with this selection you will cover some fundamental parts in the history of the comics of Superman. Of course, our honorable mention goes to Action Comics Vol.1 #1, a comic in whose first thirteen pages the world was able to see the Kryptonian debut in that distant April of 1938, the work of jerry siegel Y Joe Shuster.

10 Superman Comics You Must Read To Understand The Man Of Steel

10. Kingdom Come

Originally published in 1996 thanks to the talents of Mark Waid Y alex rossthe futurist argument of this work, despite the massive cast that appears, is basically a story about Supermanabout the superheroic values ​​that he embodies and his way of seeing justice.

9.- The Death of Superman

Pertaining to the story arc The Death and Return of Supermanfrom 1992, and with a development that was carried out by Mike Carlin, Dan Jurgens, Roger Stern, Louise Simonson, Jerry Ordway Y Karl Kesellbeyond the sales success and the repositioning of the character that this work achieved, Superman’s death tells a story that still retains the drama and action of almost 25 years ago.

Superman Comics: The Death of Superman

8.- What’s So Funny About Truth, Justice, and the American Way?

Action Comics Vol. 1 #775 gave us this narrative of joe kelly, Doug Mahnke Y Lee Bermejo. In it we see Superman face The Elite, a team of powerful people for whom dispensing justice means murder. Against them, the Iron Man must use more violent methods.

'Superman Comics: What's So Funny About Truth, Justice, and the American Way?'

7.- Secret Identity

In 2004, Kurt Busiek Y Stuart Immonen They gave us this four-issue miniseries that tries to situate Clark Kent in the real world, or well, al Clark Kent protagonist of this story, who lacks powers at the beginning and discovers them throughout the story while his romantic relationship with the reporter develops Lois Chaudhari.

Superman Comics: Secret Identity

6.- Man of Steel

In it DC Universe post-Crisis, it was the turn of the Canadian teacher john byrne reinterpret the origin of Iron Manand throughout six issues we see the appearance of elements that were incorporated into the character’s mythology, influencing not only subsequent comics but also their adaptations to film and television.

'Superman Comics: Man of Steel'

5.- Superman for All Seasons

This original four-issue miniseries of Jeph Loeb Y Tim Sale was published in 1998. Nostalgic, focused on feelings rather than action, the story tells us about the maturation process experienced by the young man Clark Kent leaving the familiar safety of smallville and face the huge and unknown metropolis.

'Superman Comics: Superman For All Seasons'

4.- Red Son

Before civil war from Marvel Y kick ass, Mark Miller gave us, in complicity with David Johnson Y Kilian Plunkettthis story that questions what would have happened if the ship of kal-el would have fallen into the USSR and not in Kansasif the values ​​that formed a Superman they would have been those of authoritarianism.

Superman Comics: Red Son

3.- Whatever Happened to the Man of Tomorrow?

To close the time before Crisis on Infinite Earthsand somehow fire the Superman of the Silver age, DC entrusted the task to the innovator Allan Moore Already curt swanone of the emblematic cartoonists of the Iron Man. The result? A tribute like rarely seen to a superhero whose greatest power has always been the values ​​he represents, beyond strength or speed. The story appeared in 1986 in the numbers Superman Vol. 1 #423 and Action Comics Vol. 1 #583.

'Superman Comics: Whatever Happened to the Man of Tomorrow'

2.- For the Man Who Has Everything

The fantastic duo of Allan Moore Y dave gibbons created for him Superman Annual #11 (1985) a story so well put together that it has been adapted on different occasions, like an episode of the animation Justice League Unlimited (2004) and the series of Supergirl. It is a deep investigation into the mind and heart of the Iron Man.

'Superman Comics: For The Man Who Has Everything'

1.- All Star Superman

Superman its days are numbered. The sun has ended up poisoning him. Now he will try to spend more time with Lois Y Jimmyin addition to trying to rehabilitate lex. A work that brings out the best of the traditional values ​​of this character in what for many is considered a love letter to the Silver age from the comics All Star Superman consists of 12 issues and was published between 2006 and 2008 thanks to the talent of Grant Morrison Y Frank Quitely.

Superman Comics: All Star Superman

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10 Superman Comics You Must Read To Understand The Man Of Steel

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