12 Quotes That Prove Michael Keaton Is The Best Batman

Michael Keaton’s Batman in bat Man Y batman returns has always been praised for being more charming and badass compared to the versions played by George Clooney, Christian Bale and Ben Affleck. And with him set to reappear in the Batgirl and Flash multiverse movies, excitement is running high.

Keaton’s version of The Dark Knight also has amazing dialogue in the movies he appears in. And it’s not full of clichéd Batman comments. Most of his words are well thought out, which shows why fans hold him in such high regard. The lines are not only entertaining, they also leave fans with a lot to think about.

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Michael Keaton’s Batman has always been a fan-favorite actor ever since he first appeared in bat Man in 1989. It will finally pay off in 2023 when it appeared in the movie the flash. However, there’s now a chance that won’t happen thanks to Warner Bros.’s cancellation of the film from HBO Max. Bat girl. You see, Keaton was also supposed to appear in this movie, and while the movie was shot and competed, HBO Max will not release it, and it will probably never be seen. With Keaton out of that movie, there are now rumors that he won’t be in the flash neither, and that would be a tragedy, as he remains an iconic part of the history of the Batman movies.

Do you want to eat nuts? Let’s go! Let’s go”.

Bruce Wayne challenges the Joker

In most of the Batman movies, Bruce Wayne plays the role of a playboy and does almost nothing to indicate who he is. However, Michael Keaton’s Batman doesn’t act that way. He was still distant, but he was much more ready for action.

When Joker was in Vicki Vale’s apartment, it was Bruce Wayne who stepped in to challenge the villain. He had a poker and acted crazy, asking “do you want some buts?” Bruce knew what was coming and Joker agreed by shooting him. Fortunately, Bruce was ready for that too, with protection under his shirt, but it made Bruce Wayne just as iconic as The Bat.

“I want you to tell all your friends about me.”

When Batman spares the life of an attacker

After assaulting a tourist near the Monarch Theatre, Batman is confronted by a criminal named Nick as he counts the money. He pleads for his life and Batman assures him that he will not kill him. Instead, Batman wants Nick to spread the word.

No other Batman adheres to the traditional “no killing” rule of character better than Michael Keaton’s Batman. Instead of just letting Nick go or throwing him in jail without saying a word, he verbally clarifies that killing is not in his options. His preference is that all criminals know him, so that they fear him. His refusal to kill Nick also shows how forgiving he is, given that his parents were killed by a mugger.

“Because no one else can.”

When Bruce Wayne tells Vicki Vale why she has to save Gotham

Vicki tries to convince Bruce that he doesn’t need to be Batman just before he leaves to destroy the Joker’s hideout, Axis Chemicals. She asks him why he keeps doing what he does to her and he has the perfect answer for her.

Michael Keaton’s Batman understands that being the caped crusader is a matter of duty, Gotham needs it, and if he decides to hang up his gloves and boots, the city would be infested with lawbreakers. He doesn’t have every reason to be the only person capable of protecting the city since there have been other heroes like Batwoman and Nightwing, but at least he won’t let other people do his job while he enjoys his retirement.

“Eat the earth. High in fiber”.

When Catwoman tells Batman that she hasn’t been fed all day

Catwoman once attacks Batman while he is interrogating a woman. She pretends that she is going to eat it because she hasn’t eaten anything all day. Well, Batman uses her martial arts skills to take her to the ground before advising her to eat the ground.

Batman isn’t always known for being as funny as his enemies, but some versions of the character have proven to be exceptions. This time around, the vigilante has no intention of letting Catwoman get the better of him in any way. His suggestion that soil would be a good dietary choice for a hungry and angry Catwoman because it is high in fiber is truly outrageous.

“Have you ever danced with the devil in the pale moonlight?”

When Batman attacks the Joker

Knowing that he has a crush on her, Vicki distracts the Joker up to no good until Batman shows up. Not content with beating him up, Batman continues to use one of Jack Nicholson’s best Joker lines against him.

It’s another comedic moment from Michael Keaton’s Batman, one that elicits a lot of laughs because Joker wasn’t expecting the punch or his own words to taunt him. With the comments, at the climax of this Batman movie, he hints that he’s a tougher “devil” than the Joker, so he continues to give him a taste of his own medicine.

«I created you. You created me first.”

When Batman meets the Joker

The Joker is one of Tim Burton’s best villains because he has so many interesting clashes with Batman. In one, Joker argues that it was Batman who started the feud by throwing him into a vat of chemicals. Batman disagrees and claims that Joker started it by killing his parents.

Among the many things that define a good Batman is the depth of his rivalry with the Joker. While Christian Bale’s Batman ranks high in this regard, Michael Keaton’s Batman has an even better arc with the Clown Prince of Crime since it was revealed that he killed his parents. In all other Batman media, Thomas and Martha Wayne’s killer is just a random crook.

“Not exactly a normal world, is it?”

When Vicki Vale suggests that Bruce Wayne’s life is less than typical

During one of their conversations, Vicki tries to argue that Bruce is just as dark as the Joker. Bruce responds, claiming that the Joker is a psychopath and when Vicki insists that Bruce isn’t normal either, she comes up with the perfect line.

One of the best traits of The Dark Knight has always been the ability to ensure trades don’t drag on any longer than necessary. Here he ends the argument with a line in which he is absolutely right. Gotham is a wild place and anyone dealing with the criminals that roam the city has to be just as tough.

“I had a head full of faulty cables.”

When Bruce Wayne tells him the story of the Joker

The Joker is surprised when Bruce begins to tell him his whole story, telling him about a man named Jack Napier who would become the Joker. He also jokes about the Joker’s craziness, saying that Napier had some bad wires in his head.

Other versions of Batman typically prefer to just punch Gotham’s biggest criminal or let him do the talking, but Michael Keaton’s Batman isn’t shy about taking every opportunity to throw sordid burns at him. Seeing Bruce as he hilariously tells Joker his own story while he’s standing there is truly iconic.

“I’m Batman. I’m Batman”.

When Bruce Wayne struggles to tell Vicki Vale his secret identity

Bruce shows up at Vicki’s apartment in the middle of the first movie. He intends to tell her that he is Batman, but she has a hard time doing it. As she goes to open the door, he lets her out in a whisper, but she doesn’t hear him.

Concealing his identity is important to Bruce, which is why he has trouble telling the woman he loves that he is the Dark Knight. The fact that he can’t bring himself to say it out loud shows that he knows best how to keep secrets, which is good when you’re a vigilante. Although he ends up confessing in one of the best movies “Bruce Wayne is Batman”, he does it at the right time.

“Merry Christmas Alfred. Good wishes to all men.

When Bruce Wayne wishes Alfred Happy Holidays

After Catwoman’s supposed death, Batman is seen driving in the back of a car driven by Alfred. Petting a cat, he wishes Alfred a Merry Christmas.

Along with the quote highlighting Alfred’s great relationship with Batman, it reminds the audience of one of Batman’s principles: wish everyone good luck and treat them well. Whether one is a law-abiding citizen or a criminal, the Caped Crusader always makes sure to deal with them in the most appropriate manner and wishes them well.

“How much do you weigh?”

Right before Batman dresses Vicki

Before picking Vicki up and swinging with her (literally), Batman asks Vicki how much she weighs. When they land, he tells her that he’s sure she weighs more than the 108 pounds she said.

The question not only brings out Batman’s cautious side, but also portrays him as a doting lover who wouldn’t risk impressing Vicki by carrying her only to accidentally drop her. Since he has been swinging for a long time, he knows what weight he is the safest to carry. Generally, Michael Keaton’s Batman is a hero who knows his limits, and that’s why he rarely gets caught in extreme situations.

“He’s psychotic.”

Batman talks to Vicki Vale about the Joker

Batman was working to find a way to stop Joker and while doing so he ran into Vicki Vale. The two ended up talking about what Joker was up to, and Batman grew frustrated with Vicki’s questions. When she said that there were people who thought he was as dangerous as Joker, he responded, “he’s psychotic.”

That’s when Vicki just looked at him and said “some people say the same thing about you.” Batman’s next line turned out to be the best when he just looked at it and asked, “Which people?” It was a hilarious deadpan response and showed that Michael Keaton’s Batman lives mostly in his own head, unaware of people’s response to him.

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12 Quotes That Prove Michael Keaton Is The Best Batman

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