13 canceled series that ended in ‘cliffhanger’ and left us without an end

The series cancellations always hurt, but even more so when the plots are left open with a clear “to be continued…” that never comes. We are not talking about those endings that, like life itself, open up a world of possibilities that we can imagine, but about those that leave unsolved mysteries. Truncated stories at their best, as if the last pages of a book were ripped from us and burned in a bonfire. These are the series canceled in cliffhanger that left us without resolution.

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    ‘It’s my life’ (1994-1995)

    The series that revealed the talent of Claire Danes at the age of 15 is a classic of adolescent fiction that has influenced current creators such as Sam Levinson (Euphoria). In the season one finale Angela finds out who actually wrote the letter, but ABC didn’t renew it.

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    ‘Popular’ (1999-2001)

    The successful teen satire that Ryan Murphy created before Glee was canceled by The WB in season two, leaving us with one of the leads running away from her prom before being run over by another of the characters. We don’t know if she survived or how the love triangle was resolved.

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    ‘John Doe’ (2002-2003)

    A man wakes up naked with an encyclopedic knowledge of everything in the world, but unable to remember who he is. A secret government experiment? an alien abduction? In the last episode of the first season, John Doe discovers that one of his closest friends was the leader of an organization that has the answers, but since FOX canceled the series, we never found out.

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    ‘Carnival’ (2003-2005)

    Set during the Great Depression, this series exploring a battle between good and evil with theological, supernatural and mystical elements raised several mysteries that were never resolved. The last episode of ‘Carnivale’ leaves the plot open and the mythology at its best, but HBO decided not to renew it because the audience numbers did not compensate for its high budget.

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    ‘Reunion’ (2005-2006)

    Five high school friends meet again two decades when the sixth of the group dies and are questioned by the detective of the case, who considers them murder suspects. Each chapter narrates a year in the lives of the protagonists chronologically, starting with their graduation day in 1986. FOX canceled the series after nine episodes and the mystery was never solved.

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    ‘Hannibal’ (2013-2015)

    Hannibal said goodbye with the most literal representation of the concept cliffhangerwith a last scene in which its two protagonists defeat the villain before they both fall off a cliff.

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    ‘Agent Carter’ (2015-2016)

    Before Marvel started making series on Disney+, Agent Carter It fell in love with many viewers on ABC, but not enough to convince the network to renew it for a third season. At the end of the second we leave one of the protagonists bleeding to death on the floor, after a mysterious man shot him and stole a file with compromised information about Carter.

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    ‘Sweet/Vicious’ (2016-2017)

    Sweet/Vicious will go down in history as one of the most unfair cancellations in television history and left its viewers with a huge cliffhanger. Even more unfair is that the magnificent first season of a series that was ahead of MeToo and that has never been released in Spain is not on any screening platform.

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    ‘Santa Clarita Diet’ (2017-2019)

    Due to the cancellation of Netflix, Santa Clarita Diet He left his followers with a big question: what happened to Joel after Sheila bit his ear. Three seasons following the characters to not reach any resolution.

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    ‘The OA’ (2016-2019)

    In the final episode, the protagonists entered a dimension that was the set of the series The OA, with the actors playing themselves. Considered one of the boldest and most original series on Netflix, it was canceled leaving viewers with many unanswered questions.

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    ‘GLOW’ (2017-2019)

    One of the first victims of the pandemic was this series starring Alison Brie, which had already started production on its fourth season when it was canceled by Netflix, leaving another of its best series without a satisfactory ending.

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    ‘This is bullshit’ (2020)

    This series was also renewed and was another of the victims of the pandemic on Netflix. Its creator, Jonathan Entwistle, proposed to the platform to re-edit the last two scenes so that there would be some resolution, and not leave viewers in cliffhanger, but they did not agree. The title of the series represents the feelings of its fans.

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    ‘Paper Girls’ (2022)

    While Amazon gets medals for the audience numbers of The Lord of the ringsthe spectators who saw Papergirls They do not forget that the series was canceled in its first, and more than remarkable season, leaving everything open and adding more questions to the ones that were already unresolved. This series deserved more.

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13 canceled series that ended in ‘cliffhanger’ and left us without an end

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