2 new restaurants to discover in Huelva this weekend

If you are looking to innovate and are tired of eating in the usual places, take note of these two new gastronomic proposals in the city.

Old fox

“The fox changes its skin, but not its habits” With this cover letter, a new gastronomic proposal started in Huelva last Monday.

In back of ‘Old fox’, a new restaurant in the capital, is Jesús Hermosín, a young man from Huelva who decided to give a new approach to a family business already consolidated as ‘The Godfather Pizzeria’ and bet on a new menu and a decoration taken care of in detail.

“The Godfather has just turned twenty. Our idea is to give him a little rest but we are convinced that sooner or later he will come back to life. Meanwhile, we keep some of their pizzas and dishes in Zorro Viejo so that our old clients find the essence of the Godfather in this new concept”, declares Jesús.

The expectation that Zorro Viejo has raised has been reflected in the number of reservations. Since they opened they have filled the room and its three terraces on several occasions. And there are numerous positive comments they are receiving through social networks. One of those reviews came from the gastronomic profile Comete Huelva.

Old Fox is in Street Phoenicians, 25 (in the neighborhood of La Florida, at the height of the tents on Avenida de Andalucía). Y Opens every day (from 7 in the morning until 0:00).

“What we intend is to open during all hours of the day to be able to serve various types of clients. From those who come for breakfast to those who are looking for a romantic dinner with their partner, going through those groups of friends who want to enjoy a sports broadcast on our giant screen” Jesus tells us.

We are convinced that Zorro Viejo will give a lot to talk about, not only because of the spectacular nature of some of its dishes, but also for the exquisite treatment and professionalism of its entire staff.

Don’t leave without trying one of their burgers, the Don Vito croquettes or the José Alfredo nachos!

Muxo Poke and More

The first poke bowl restaurant in the city. A dish originating from Hawaii that has become fashionable in recent times in Europe and that, after its great demand, arrives in the capital of Huelva to enjoy this autumn.

Muxo Poke and More‘has opened its doors in the heart of the city this October. From the establishment they assure that they will offer a complete menu based on fusion food “Japo-Hawaiian with a Californian spirit”.

Poke is a marinated fish salad served as an appetizer or main course in Hawaiian cuisine. At Muxo Poke and More you can enjoy numerous versions of this dish, as well as other delicacies.

You can eat at the establishment (both indoors and on the terrace) and you will have a home delivery service (with presence in the main apps) and pick-up at the establishment.

This type of cuisine is one of the most demanded by the veggie public or lovers of vegan cuisine, although at Muxo Poke Huelva there will be something for all tastes. Of course, its philosophy is that of healthy cooking, with drinks that are also very fashionable, such as the popular kombucha, the latest trend in infusions.

It is located in Pablo Rada, nº 4 and it is the first establishment in Huelva dedicated exclusively to this gastronomic delight, since up to now this dish has only been enjoyed, occasionally, in some restaurants in Huelva. They have their main pokes on the menu and, in addition, you also you can make your own to your liking with your favorite ingredients.

They ensure that they arrive revolutionize the gastronomic offer From the capital. They will be very active on social networks (you can already find them on Instagram with the name @muxopokehuelva), where they will publish attractive raffles and special promotions.

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2 new restaurants to discover in Huelva this weekend

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