3rd, 4th and 5th year UDA Kinesiology students received investiture that enables them to carry out their internships | Digital medium The Northern Fox

The solemn and emotional ceremony was held in the Cordillera Campus auditorium, by means of which they are enabled to carry out their internships as professionals in training in various services, companies and institutions.

The tradition of the investiture in health careers, marks the beginning of professional practical training that is completely focused on the discipline, in this way the student commits to comply with the ethical, value and performance requirements contemplated by the exercise of the profession and that are already required at this practical stage.

The families of the Kinesiology students followed the event through the live broadcast, after two consecutive years in which this traditional ceremony could not take place.

On the occasion, students received a career pickaxe and their credential, as a symbol of investiture, which identifies them and places them in an advanced position, being already prepared to carry out intermediate practices where they will have to demonstrate and put into practice everything learned, in addition to faithfully representing the values ​​and principles of our house of studies.

Professionals in Training

The student of the 2018 cohort of Kinesiology, Javiera Rivera Barrios stated about this investiture that, “it is a very important instance where it makes the difference between before and after the race and everyone is with emotions on the surface. I am very grateful to my classmates and teachers for giving us all this knowledge.”

Meanwhile, the president of the Student Center, who is in the fourth year of the Maximiliano Pinol Ortega career, said: “I feel very excited to have the opportunity to be with all my classmates after so long, it was a very emotional and melancholic ceremony. that makes me remember beautiful moments that one has lived and that one forgets over time. It was a very beautiful instance and it was good that it was carried out with all the colleagues who did not have an investiture in previous years”.

Department of Kinesiology

The director of the Department of Kinesiology, Karina Albornoz Cancino, considered that it is very important for the department to resume these activities: “The investiture is an important milestone in the students of the health career, since it puts them in an advanced position, they dress for the first time their clinical suit, their credential and they are ready to show their basic skills that they learned in the first three years of their career, therefore they are ready to go out into the professional world and to start having contacts with users and treating patients ”.

The investiture is the first face-to-face activity that brings together several generations of students and academics after the start of the pandemic. Karina Albornoz reflected that “we had not done it for two years, they missed these moments; I think it is an important occasion, which should not be ruled out for any reason and resume all the activities that we carried out before the pandemic. It is a pride for the department to share with all our students and with the academic body and for society to know that we are coming back with everything”, the academic said.

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3rd, 4th and 5th year UDA Kinesiology students received investiture that enables them to carry out their internships | Digital medium The Northern Fox

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