5 reasons to watch ‘For All Mankind’, the best sci-fi series since ‘Battlestar Galactica’

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for all mankind was one of the series with which Apple TV + was launched in November 2019. It premiered alongside The Morning Show Y seeand the opinions that came from critics in the United States, who had been able to see its first episodes in advance, predicted the worst.

Mediocre, outdated and boring were some of the most used adjectives in the texts that reviewed them. This narrative was propagated in the national media, which we almost gave up the platform in its first week. But as we watched more episodes, the opinions were nuanced.

With see there really was no change, but Dickinson It conquered all who saw it, and one of the episodes of the Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon series ended up in the lists of the best of the year. Nevertheless, for all mankind was one of the forgotten of that harvest. His criticism was so cold at first that few were encouraged to see the ten one-hour episodes of his first season. I decided not to do it and I didn’t know what I was missing, so today I want to tell you why it deserves to be given a chance.

1. He knows how to exploit his premise

Trailer – ‘For All Mankind’ Season 1 – Apple TV+

In the summer of 1969, millions of people are in front of the television waiting to see the arrival of the man on the moon live. The moon landing is a success and the heroes of the mission utter the words that will go down in history: “This is a triumph of the Marxist-Leninist way of life.” The Soviets got there first..

This is the start of for all mankind and what this uchrony proposes to us: what would have happened if the space race had not ended with the arrival of the first man on the moon, because that historical milestone belonged to the Soviet Union and not to the United States. It seems a simple premise, but it hides a host of political, military, economic and social implications that the series explores with great success throughout its seasons.

2. Memorable characters that evolve and surprise

Shantel VanSanten is Karen Baldwin in ‘For All Mankind’.


One of the early criticisms of the series was that it was difficult to connect with its characters, especially Ed Baldwin, the astronaut played by Joel Kinnaman. For many he was a copy of Don Draper without charismamaybe it’s because Mad Men It is the benchmark series of the United States of the 60s and we instinctively compare it with any fiction set at that time.

Maybe it was because Karen (Shantel VanSanten), Ed’s wife, reminds us at times of Betty Draper; or for the infidelities of (Fat Michael Dorman), but if the protagonists of for all mankind they become archetypal at some point, It’s something that can be fixed quickly.. All the characters in the series surprise us with their evolution, without the new layers that they reveal to us ceasing to be consistent with what we knew about them. And if there is something that the series achieves, it is precisely that we connect with everyone, even with those who are not nice to us, because we always understand why they do what they do.

3. The entry of women into the space race

The third episode changes everything in 'For all mankind'

The third episode changes everything in ‘For all mankind’

Among all those implications that it successfully explores from its premise, the entry of women into the space race is one that radically changes the course of the series and also of history within fiction. A fact that occurs only because the Soviets were the ones who set the pace, and after being the first to reach the moon, they surprised the world again with the image of the first woman stepping on the lunar surface, something that NASA did not even hadn’t even considered.

The third episode of the first season, Nixon’s women, is a before and after in the series. It is the moment in which, if you still have a reservation, for all mankind it will conquer you completely. And this is not just an anecdote, Molly, Ellen, Tracy and Dani are decisive characters in everything that is to come and their influence will have an impact on society at the time.

4. It’s the best sci-fi series since ‘Battlestar Galactica’

Image from the first season of 'For all mankind'.

Image from the first season of ‘For all mankind’.

Ronald D Mooreresponsible for the reimagining of Battlestar Galactica is one of the creators of the Apple TV + series, so the influence of the series that ended in 2009 it’s remarkable, it’s appreciated, and it shouldn’t surprise anyone. The photography, sound and special effects in the scenes in space are a constant visual delight, which combines perfectly with the different subgenres of space science fiction and its mixture with others, such as psychological horror.

Like in galacticthe politics, strategy games, personal sacrifices and extreme situations that the protagonists face, are an important part of their DNA. To these ingredients we owe some of the most intense scenes that, at times, and because the Cold War is an important part of the plot, also reminds us of another great series: The Americans.

5. Heart-stopping season finale

'For all mankind'.

‘For all mankind’.

One of the reasons why I decided to see for all mankind were the spectacular reviews received by the last episode of its second season. With the thought of that reward in mind, she was prepared for much of what had gone before to be little more than a toll she needed to pay to get to this point.

Fortunately for me, I was wrong. The series captivated me from the beginning, but it is fair to admit that it knows how to close its seasons. The endings of his two installments are truly spectacular., both are full of tension and excitement, because the stakes are high and every step taken to get there matters. Those who praised the series were right, the last episode of the second season is really exceptional and without a doubt it will be one of the best of the year.

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5 reasons to watch ‘For All Mankind’, the best sci-fi series since ‘Battlestar Galactica’

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