5 reasons to watch… “STAR WARS: THE CLONE WARS”

Dismissed at the beginning and applauded at the end, we review the main reasons that make “Star Wars: The Clone Wars” an unmissable and necessary series.



Star Wars: The Clone Warscreated by himself george lucas and supervised by Dave Philoni, was a CGI animated series that gave new life to the franchise created in 1977. It went through 3 networks (Cartoon Network, Netflix and Disney +), and despite having “ended” several times involuntarily, in 2020 we finally got to witness its well-deserved closure. 7 seasons have passed, with a total of 133 episodes dedicated to expanding what happened in those 3 years that the Clone Wars lasted that pitted the Republic against the Separatists. We’re not quite ready to say goodbye yet, not even Lucasfilm, which has already announced a spin-off titled Star Wars: The Bad Batch., but we can do nothing more than thank you for its existence and for having laid the foundations for quality narrative in serialized format. Now it’s time to revisit it or enjoy it for the first time, and for those who are hesitant, we offer you the main reasons why you should give it a try.

The war as protagonist

5 reasons to watch STAR WARS THE CLONE WARS

Many will remember that the famous Clone Wars, mentioned by Princess Leia, Luke Skywalker and Ben Kenobi in Star Wars: A New Hope (1977), was barely included in the prequels, despite the fact that the technology was already in a position to show us an intergalactic conflict of epic proportions. The disappointment was great when we only saw its beginning and end in Star Wars: Attack of the Clones (2002) Y Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith (2005) respectively. However, few imagined (and many did not even know) that the best was yet to come…

In Star Wars: The Clone Wars we can witness all the characteristic aspects of a war: its battles, strategies, political challenges and, most importantly, the camaraderie and sustenance of the soldiers. Here we get something that few productions have achieved: a well-crafted idea of ​​how massive this war is and how it affected those who lived through it.

Ahsoka Tano

5 reasons to watch STAR WARS THE CLONE WARS

After a failed debut after being presented as a typical teenage complainer in the movie Star Wars: The Clone Wars (2008)Ahsoka Tano gradually became one of the best things to happen to the universe of starwars. Like her teacher, Anakin Skywalker, she was rebellious, a bit prideful, adventurous, and temperamental. In this way, the character worked perfectly because she had a journey parallel to who she would eventually become Darth Vader, and the emotional baggage that her fates brought to them only intensified.

Ahsoka Tano is undoubtedly the soul of the series and a character that will eventually become relevant in other productions of the saga.

Revalue the prequels

5 reasons to watch STAR WARS THE CLONE WARS

In recent years there has been a resurgence in the popularity of prequels. Although the original trilogy was, is and will be considered the high point of the franchise created by George Lucas, the love for episodes I, II and III has gradually grown, and one of the reasons is the existence of this series. That’s right, the ability to explore with greater depth and dedication the story and the characters that make it up turned out to be a fundamental benefit to have a different look at the events shown by the movies: Anakin is closer to the figure of Darth Vader, both in attitude as in power; Obi-Wan enjoys an important leadership in the war and his actions in it link him more correctly to his legendary status once he was exiled after the execution of Order 66; the clones are endowed with personality and their betrayal of the Jedi contains a much stronger emotional impact; Darth Maul returns and finally exploits his full potential as a character, becoming one of the most complex and emblematic villains of starwars; and Jar Jar Binks… still lousy.

Variety of tones and genres

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One of the greatest and most striking qualities of a series like Star Wars: The Clone Wars is that, although it is a warlike conflict of galactic proportions, the writers manage to afford themselves the luxury of focusing their plot arcs towards different demographic sectors. Yes, it is clear that it is aimed at a child audience, but it is undeniable that it appeals to an adult audience as well (and not necessarily fans of the franchise).

There are episodes in which the story goes through the action side, in the middle of the battlefield, but many others are dedicated to the threads that (as in real life) the politicians pull. There are those who fight the war and there are those who negotiate it, and that is clearly seen here. On the other hand, we can also expect espionage or mystery stories, tributes to movies like The Seven Samurai, Godzilla Y King Kong, or genres like film noir. There is something for everyone, and that is a strength that few productions have.

in crescendo

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We insist that Star Wars: The Clone Wars started with the left foot. The film released in 2008, which was actually a compilation of chapters edited to look like a feature film, certainly did not meet the expectations that fans had before the promise of “the first animated Star Wars film”. However, and as the subtitle that encompasses this section indicates, that was the lowest point of this story and from there it will not do anything other than grow in quality, scale and relevance. What at first seemed like filler and a simple attempt to capture a new generation of fans with stories that do not affect the main saga, quickly became a product capable of standing on its own and cementing itself as the best that has been made with the franchise since the original trilogy. It sounds exaggerated, but it certainly isn’t. This is where it began to develop (at least in audiovisual format) the lore of the Mandalorians, which eventually gave rise to the successful The Mandalorian; It is here that Ahsoka Tano appears for the first time, who later (and as we have already said) was incorporated into other installments of the franchise and whose voice was included in Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker; It is here that we met Saw Guerrera, a character who was later played by the Oscar winner Forest Whitaker in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story; and it is here that we witness the resurrection of Darth Maul, whose cameo in Han Solo: A Star Wars Story misplaced those who underestimated the importance of this series. We could list more facts, but the idea goes without saying. Little by little we have seen how the Clone Wars have become notoriously relevant as the episodes and seasons go by, which have surpassed themselves until culminating in a dream ending, with an enviable level of animation and a connection with Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith (2005) unbeatable that demonstrates the long road traveled… one that was undoubtedly marked by progress.

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5 reasons to watch… “STAR WARS: THE CLONE WARS”

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