7 Gadgets Batman Should Never Have Used

Batman is also known for his awesome gadgets, but there are some gadgets he never should have invented. meet them

Batman has a number of gadgets at his disposal. and tools that make your mission easier. We’ve seen him both in the comics and in his DCEU counterpart. Speaking of which, is at a standstill, as Ben Affleck walks away from the mantle of the bat.

The Batman’s skill with gadgets has led to the creation of some of the best tools in your arsenal. His job would be infinitely more difficult without his grappling hook or his batarangs. However, over the years he has either tried to cut costs with his Poison enhancer or let his paranoia get the better of it by creating the brother eye. The Dark Knight should have refrained from using those artifacts.

We leave you with some curious Batman Gadgets and artifacts from the DC Universe that must have been invented because they were dangerous or disgusting

kryptonite gum

When the Joker corrupted Superman and the rest of the League of Justice with its own toxin, Batman He had some of those ideas that are not good.

to face the Iron Man, he created some kryptonite rubber balls that he kept in his multifunction belt. They were an effective distraction against Superman which probably saved his life. However, kryptonite is deadly toxic to humans with enough exposure, and chew kryptonite gum It doesn’t seem like the best thing to do.


Azrael’s Flamethrower

When Azrael temporarily replaced the Dark KnightValley dove right into the role, even redesigning Batman’s iconic suit into something entirely different.

Valley added armor that resembled his azrae costumel, along with bladed gauntlets that fired sharp bat-shaped shurikens. However, the worst gadget he added was a flamethrower attached to his gauntlets as well. The flamethrower just added death and carnage, which went against everything Batman stood for.


The alien guardian robot that saved his life

Those crazy 60s brought us a few gadgets that would make more than one blush. Batman met an alien member of the Intergalactic Police called Tel-Dar. He gave him a Robot-Guardian to help him in his mission to protect Gotham City. Tel Dar he programmed the robot to save Batman’s life, but unfortunately, the robot’s sensors were incredibly sensitive and it began to interfere with Batman’s crime fights, quickly becoming the Dark Knight’s worst gadget.


The gadgets to defeat the JLA

The League of Assassins eliminated the JLA one on one using specially designed tactics to counter their abilities. How?

Batman ended up realizing that Ra’s al Ghul he had stolen his plans to take down the JLA. He even created gadgets that could attach themselves to Flash’s spine to trigger light-speed attacks.

In the end the gadgets were neutralized, but they lost confidence in one of the greatest and most effective leaders they had ever had.


Mobius chair

One of the most powerful gadgets on the DC universe is the Mobius Chairwhich is usually handled by the New God metron. The Dark Knight took the place of Metron in the Mobius Chair during the Darkseid War to become the God of Knowledge.
He stopped criminals who had not yet committed any crime and got unwanted answers to persistent questions.

The power of the Mobius Chair it was too big for any mere human to control, even for someone with the abilities of the Dark Knight.


the cloning machine

If there is something that distinguishes the Bat from other superheroes, it is the relationship of protection and defense of Gotham, his city. Your domains. So she often doesn’t let other superheroes act on her without her approval. He spent years believing that he was the only person who could keep the city safe.

To do this, he created a cloning machine that could also transfer his memories, but the machine set up a potentially dark future for Gotham filling it with clones of insane batman. Going forward, Wayne has decided to let others assume the role of the Dark Knight rather than create an endless loop of trauma for Bruce Wayne and potential clones of him.


Failsafe, the android created by Batman to kill himself

Batman didn’t just originate plans to stop the Justice League if they went rogue. He used his Batman alter ego from Zur-En-Arrh to produce a fail-safe program that would stop Bruce Wayne if he too became a wayward member. Batman’s Zur-En-Arrh designed an advanced android known as Failsafe and hid it deep in the Batcave. Only Alfred knew of its existence and could disable it, but he was dead.

The android was activated when the Penguin committed suicide and framed batman for murdereither. He knew the best detective, his allies and all his plans and countermeasures. Failsafe was able to kill not only the Dark Knight, but also with the rest of the Batfamily. The android was powerful enough to take over Gotham, though he cared little for the citizens.


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7 Gadgets Batman Should Never Have Used

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