7 reasons that make Homecoming the best Spider-Man

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spidey come hometo the Marvel Cinematic Universe, in Spider-Man: Homecoming, Tom Holland’s first solo film as Peter Parker. After his brief but more than intense debut in Captain America: Civil Warthe new wall climber is now launched, under the tutelage, yes, of Iron Man, to walk alone in the new reboot of the character created by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko.

He does it with a film in which ‘YouTube Spider-Man’ takes his first steps alone in the world he shares with Captain America, Iron Man, Hulk and the rest of the Avengers, the idols like the ones young Parker wants to be. A film directed by Tom Watts, co-produced by Sony Pictures and Marvel Studios, in which Spiderman must learn to be a true hero, a hero who, this time, doesIt looks like it came straight out of a vignette.


Without a doubt, and with the permission of Benedict Cumberbatch, the choice of Tom Holland as peter parker It has been the great casting success recent in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. the protagonist of The impossible raises the bar compared to its predecessors Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield. Notably younger than them, Holland brings two of the fundamental notes that define the new Spider-Man: tons of energy and a cute touch of ingenuity. A Holland that, as Kevin Feige himself has already announced, is called to be one of the main faces of Phase 4 of the cinematographic serial of the House of Ideas.


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The third reboot of Spider-Man saves fans a moment a thousand times seen, read and told: yes, the blissful spider bite that turns the applied Peter into a young man with portentous and arachnid abilities. On the big screen this emblematic passage Sami Raimi told it in the first film. So it was just and necessary. And a decade later Marc Webb showed it againnot so fortunately, in The Amazing Spider-Man.

Now, in a risky but undoubtedly correct decision, homecoming choose save the viewers this trance and, even though Peter is still adjusting to his powers, he dispatches this ordeal with a single, very witty line of dialogue. Bravo. There is also no death of Uncle Ben, to which no reference is made in the film. Instead, a refreshing new dynamic is established between Peter and his Aunt May. A character who, played by Marisa Tomei, has made a 180 degree turn.


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This Peter Parker is naive, optimistic, clumsy… and yes, finally a real teenager. A protagonist who acts like a teenager, reacts with adolescent insecurity or overconfidence, and has worries – ranging from the class dance to putting together the Lego from Star Wars – typical of a teenager. Holland is not an adult pretending to be a child, he is more authentic and it shows in the light and fun tone that presides over the entire film. Thanks god homecoming It’s not a teen drama… nor does it claim to be.


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Without a doubt, Spider-Man is one of the superheroes that more and better has used humor in his comics. homecoming it also embraces the most comic aspect of the wall-crawler and makes it not only a resource… but a priority in its story ahead of romance, conflict and, sometimes, even also of action.

And he does it very cleverly, choosing not to make Peter a constant – and sometimes tiresome – joke machine, but instead betting for situational humorwhich very effectively uses that clumsiness and naivety of this rookie hero who is still looking for his place as ‘Your Friend and Neighbor Spiderman’.


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the right soundtrack by Michael Giacchino offers fans of the wall-crawler a true gift: a version of the theme of the mythical Spider-Man cartoon series of the sixties. A retro touch for a new era that, like the suits powered by Stark Industries, is perfectly suited to the adventures of the new Spider-Man.


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Another of the strongest pillars of Homecoming is his villain. Michael Keaton’s Vulture -vehement in its statements, contained in its forms and in its aesthetics- serves not only to challenge Peter Parker’s ability to become a great hero, but also as the perfect vehicle to contextualize this adventure within the world of The Avengers.

A villain of the most mundane that have passed through the Marvel cinematographic universe that has totally plausible motivations that have their origin in economic necessity. The Vulture does not seek to conquer the worldnot even destroying the city… he just wants to make money to continue giving his family the best possible life. Another great success.


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It was Tony Stark the one that turned YouTube’s Spider-Man into one of the stars of the Civil War and it is he who protects, delegating to Happy (surprisingly inspired by Jon Favreau) and monitoring Peter Parker’s movements. His presence is felt, and much, in this film since the existence of Stark Industries and the Avengers themselves – to whom there are constant references – are key to the germ of the plot. And, as the trailers already showed, Iron Man is not the only luxury guest…

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7 reasons that make Homecoming the best Spider-Man

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